/Verizon Adjusts Adfellows to Become a Virtual Experience for Entry-Level Marketers

Verizon Adjusts Adfellows to Become a Virtual Experience for Entry-Level Marketers

The latest team from Verizon’s Adfellow program will not spend six months in New York City this year, they are getting first-class seats at the table with big brands and agencies.

The Diversity Pipeline Fellowship for entry-level marketers begins its fourth year today. 2 Participants who have some marketing experience or are making career changes will have the opportunity to participate in specialized tracks focused on their creative or analytical / insight work. The ultimate goal of the program is to recruit 90% of the participants into full-time positions.

With the onset of personal illness in all epidemics, Verizon will introduce new learning tools and training of fellows, increase the amount of marketing thought leaders, and connect each participant with an Adfellow Falls to facilitate remote mentoring and networking within the program’s previous classes.

Verizon is also expanding Adfellow’s brand and agency partnerships. IBM, Visible and Amobi will join American Express, Walmart and Anhuiser-Bush as brand partners, while Madwell, Pentamgram and EP + Co will be added as agency partners that already include WPP’s roster of agencies.

Diego Scotty, Verizon’s APP and CMO who founded the program in 2017, told Adwick that Adfellows have made it a priority to adapt the program to the epidemic “to give them the experience of being completely immersed in a marketing industry.”

Scotty also encourages industry leaders to partner with Adfellows so that everyone can “work together to create a truly diverse pipeline.”

“I want other marketers to know that there is a lot of diversity talent,” he said. “I’ve often heard that leaders aren’t hiring different talents because they can’t find it. They just aren’t looking hard enough. “

Putting the six-month counselor in front, Scott said he hoped the Adfellows would leave the show “knowing their voice-related issues and the need for their perspective on the industry.”