UU is still actively developing their own game

If you are hoping for a new simulation wrestling video game then this year you are out of luck. Not too long ago we received news that WWE 2K21 had been canceled. With less than 20 Star Wars reviews coming out of WWW 2K, it looks like 2K is going back to the drawing board and accurately delivering a game that will not only appeal to wrestling fans, but also with bugs or other problematic issues. This sudden cancellation was also the reason behind the servers of WWW 2K19 being active. 2K initially warned fans that the servers for the game would be shut down soon.

They are now distributing an arcade-style video game for fans to enjoy, while they continue to work on a new simulation game to pick up exercise wrestling fans, there is another company that can provide competitive wrestling games. We are, of course, referring to the AAU which is spread out under a lot of size. Over the years, the WWE has remained relatively free from a major competitor and it seems that the UU has come here to offer fans something different to enjoy. With a roster of fan-favorite wrestlers, AW is missing out on the franchise of just one video game.

This will change soon as AW is actively developing a game. Not much is known yet, in fact a recent podcast episode of Talk Is Jericho brought the game to the fore in conversation. Apparently, AUU’s Aubrey Edwards is taking the project coordinator for the title, and while fans can expect ways to create their own character and interact a bit with current status AUU wrestlers, we’re not sure what to expect from the team behind this game. Quite still.

At any rate, it was nice to know that AUU is working with a game that brings not only AUU fans, but also some interested gamers who were basically stuck with WWE for years. For now, it will be just a waiting game when AU shows their presence in the video game market.

Source: Gamerant

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