Updated with Apollo crossposting support for Reddit, image flair, translation, and more

The popular Apollo for Reddit iOS app has been updated today with great new features for Reddit users. The latest version brings crossposting, image flair, translation, quick subreddit selector and much more.

Earlier this year, Reddit introduced a number of improvements to Apollo Media viewers for version 1.8, including GIF storage and sharing options, improved video playback, and Haptic Touch previews. And now, version 1.9 further enhances the app with more refinements and new features.

Today’s update brings crossposting support, which allows users to take an existing Reddit post and re-post it to the same type of Subreddit. You can view other users’ crossposts and create your own. The Apollo app is now compatible with Image Flyers, a tag that Reddit users can add their usernames to Subreddit.

Another new feature added to version 1.9 of the Apollo for Reddit application is the built-in translation for posts in different languages, so you can translate any post with just one tap. The update also includes a quick subreddit selector, which provides an auto-complete window that makes the process of adding a subdit to a filter easier and more intuitive.

You can check out all the new features in today’s update below:

  • Crossposting (taking an existing post and re-posting it to a similar list) has been a big part of Reddit for ages, but recently it has become a full-fledged feature where you can see where it came from, and quickly jump to the original. Post Apollo now fully supports it! You can easily crosspost if you want!
  • The flyer is a “tag” that users can add to subreddies using their names, and some subdivisions can even add small images / icons alongside text as icons of your favorite sports team or as a character from your favorite TV show! You can now set your own flair! Just go to Subredited of your choice and you can choose from a list of customizable flyers!
  • If Subreddit allows users to tag their posts with individual flares (say, your question has been able to tag a specific character or a specific topic), you can now simply tap on that flyer and Apollo will show you all other posts with the same caution. In the subredited that has been done.
  • Reddit is home to different groups in different communities, but sometimes the conversation takes place in a language that is difficult to understand in a language you don’t know. Now Apollo will be able to detect if the language of a comment or post is different from the language of your iOS device, and if so, offer to translate it quickly so you can understand the conversation!
  • Whether you’re trying to add a single subreddit to a filter, or trying to add multiple subreddits together multiple times, Apollo is now much faster at doing these things with an auto-termination window that makes it faster to search and add subreddits.
  • Apollo will show you at a glance in the fallen conversation. If you broke several comments and later returned to the same comments section, Apollo will now remember which comments you broke and they collapsed for you!
  • Five new app icons, tweets, bug fixes and more.

The ad is available for free on the Apollo App Store for Reddit with the purchase of the app. This requires the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later.

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