UnitPoint Health began testing all patients with COVID-19

WEST DES MUINES, Iowa (KTIV) – UnityPoint Health has announced that they have increased COVID-19 testing to include asymptomatic patients admitted to their hospital.

Hospital officials say the extended test will include admission and transfer schedules for all ages who have not been tested 722 hours prior to COVD-19.

Officials say the change took effect in May and they say the national test will help UnityPoint Health better identify positive cases of COVID-19 and conduct appropriate contact tracking within the local community.

“As our testing capacity increases, we will continue to test more people to come to our hospitals and clinics,” said Dave Williams, MD, Uncompoint’s chief health officer. “This is important as we resume the electoral process in certain areas in the next few weeks.”

UnityPoint Health says it uses clinical criteria to determine what methods and services need screening and testing.

Officials say the reason for prioritizing the examination of all patients admitted to UnityPoint Hospital is that patients need long-term care as well as the risk of potential emergency procedures and discharge planning.

This includes examination of pediatric patients and patients admitted for delivery and delivery.

UnityPoint reports that the test for COVID-19 will be completed with a glitch.

They said the waiting time for screening results for hospitalized patients would be 12-36 hours. Patients admitted for emergency surgery and delivery and delivery can expect about four hours of treatment time if resources are available.

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