Under deck alum Kate Chastain, Stacey Schroeder and Luan de Lesseps have been declared the ‘worst’ bravolebrites.

Beneath the deck, former chief steward Kate Chastein speaks of her mind about Stacey Schroeder and Luan de Lesseps. Peak Credit: Bravo

Underneath the deck alloy, Kate Chastain has announced New York City star Luan de Lesseps’ Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules star Stacey Schroeder has been fired from the worst bravolebrights.

Over the years, Bravo stars have been dubbed as Bravolebrites for their reality TV fame. The network even caught its first official Bravcon last year.

It was originally a comiccon but was the only star of the Bravo show.

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Kate was left behind at the bottom of the deck but she is still in the Bravo family. She has a limited series featuring Kate commenting on episodes from the current season under the deck Mediterranean.

Former chief stew is now voicing his views on the worst TV stars featuring Bravo. During an Instagram live chat with Danny Murphy, Kate did not hesitate to name Luan and Stacey as the worst.

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Luan Kate has isolated at Live Hatch Watch

In 2016, Kate and Luan appeared on What’s Live Hall of Fame with Andy Cohen. Andy was chatting with Luan and Kate a few minutes before going live, when things got a little awkward.

Andy Cohen, the great host he was, said, ‘Oh Luan, just then he got engaged on the yacht. ‘He goes,‘ Oh Luan you just got the yacht! Kate works on yachts! And he goes to me, ‘Well, I guess you’re under the deck and I’m on the deck,’ Kate explained to Danny.

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He then dropped out that after Luan’s breakup, the show went live and Kate was surprised to see what was missing. Kate shared further The RHONY personality borrowed the yacht from a friend.

Luanna did not own the pot.

Kate thinks Stacey is rude

A few years ago, Stacey sent a rude message to Kate through a stranger at the Watch What Craps event at a comedy club in Hollywood. Kate was a good friend there, she was with a comedian and attended clubs often.

The former chief stew did not name his friend but shared the comedy club as his flock. Kate’s friend also works behind the scenes on reality TV.

This guy is out of hand, and Stacey doesn’t realize it was. Stacy sent a message to Kat.

The girl goes, ‘Stacey just texted me and said your friend and you are very loud. He hugged me like a basic stranger and thought, ‘I just got a text that Stacey wants you guys to stop having so much fun,’ Kate shared.

Oh yeah, the message left Kate with a very bad impression of Statie, whom she called extremely rude.

Kate Chastain will not be hanging out with Luan de Lesseps or Stacey Schroeder anytime soon, that’s for sure.

The deck is broadcast Monday at 9 / 8c in Bravo, below the Mediterranean.

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