‘Uncomfortable’ is Hannah Ferry’s play to get out of guilt

Leaving a few hours of the new charter, Lara shocked the fans and Captain Sandy. Peak Credit: Bravo

Lara Flumiani left the deck under the Mediterranean tonight, blaming the uncomfortable work environment with Hannah Ferrier for the sudden exit.

It is not surprising that Lara is gone. The issue of him giving up and leaving was more than fans expected.

Oh yeah, the most recent episode under Deck Made was a book for which the twist didn’t even see Captain Sandy Yoon.

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Not so fresh start

Viewers know that Lara was at odds with Chief Stu Hannah Ferrier from day one. Both of these two women and the third stew did nothing but argue, creating a pressure on Jessica Moore.

After an exciting meeting, where Hannah brought Captain Sandy, the women started anew with each other. Drama and negativity were all about to end.

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The war did not last long.

The crew’s night out was Lara’s last straw. He had a conversation with Malia White about the Hannah drama. Hannah then heard Lara talk to Chef Kiko about her.

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Lara did not leave Hannah or give any indication that she was leaving. The crew went home. Everyone went to bed. But the next morning Lara was nowhere to be found.

Not even goodbye

Hannah Lara was discovered by the MIA two hours before the charter. Moments later, Lara turns on the radio and tells Captain Sandy to come to the dock.

Only then did the audience know Lara was done. He told Captain Sandy that he no longer felt comfortable working in Wellington and was leaving Lara did not want to return to the boat or say goodbye.

Lara shares with the audience that she is choosing her happiness. It was a feeling that was familiar to deck sailing yacht fans. Parker cited the same reason for resigning as McCain Deckhand.

When announcing Lara’s departure to Captain Sandy Crew, it was best to say, “It’s yachting. Some people are excluded for this business, and some people are not.

The card said Lara was leaving

At first the cards were written by Lara. Fans quickly turned him into the villain of the season based on his disrespectful behavior.

Surprising is how he left the Bravo show. Lara brings drama, which is always good for real television.

Lara Flumiani left the bottom of the deck med in a surprising but surprising move. Fans were sure the second stew would be fired. Instead, Lara left.

Now the question is, who will replace Lara at the bottom of the deck Mediterranean?

Were you surprised Lara was leaving?

The deck is broadcast Monday at 9 / 8c in Bravo below the Mediterranean.

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