UK carrier EE launches ‘first of its kind’ iPhone cell plan bundling Apple Music, TV + and Arcade

Launching an ‘all-in-one’ iPhone plan bringing Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade, UK major carrier EE today announced a new partnership with Apple.

The new FullWorks plan offers three add-on options that allow EE customers to access all of Apple’s Content Services (excluding News +) at no extra charge beyond the cost of the plan. The lower levels allow EE customers to choose as a ‘free’ facility.

EE is usually a premium option in terms of cost, but they are the largest carriers in the UK. Apple’s new partnership has brought cost savings for EE customers.

The Full Works package offers an iPhone 11 Pro with unlimited data, unlimited calls and text, Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade for 77 per month. The same plan without the bundled service costs 68, so you’re saving about 11 11 a month compared to buying the service directly from Apple. (While Apple Bundle discounts are being discussed along the way, now Apple Music, Arcade and TV + will take a separate জন্য 20 a month to get a la carte))

The plan’s unlimited single ad is £ 73 a month, or বেশি 5 more than Baseline. In that case you’re only saving money if you choose Apple Music – usually £ 9.99 per month. TV + and Arcade by any means have their own monthly price of তাদের 4.99. If you don’t need unlimited data, you can get a 10GB EE Smart iPhone plan for GB 66 GB per month.

These plans include flexibility to trade on their phones anytime and get a new iPhone at any time, which will be effective as the iPhone 12 is set to launch in two months. EE is one of the UK’s leading carriers for 5G coverage and it will be ready to capitalize on the upcoming 5G iPhone Hype.

As Apple has invested more and more in offering its own services, it has partnered with many carriers, such as incorporating Apple Music with Verizon Unlimited plans. EE had previously offered Apple Music six months with a phone deal. When the ‘Apple One’ bundle arrives, Apple will likely partner with carriers that include it directly in the phone plan.

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