UFC champion John Jones is keen to fight Francis Nagnu

When Francis Naganu played Georginho Rosenzarik in 20 Seconds on UFC 249 over the weekend, he let wrestling fans wonder who could be next to the terrifying heavyweight star.

Well, it looks like light heavyweight champion John Jones, the king of the sports pound test on Thursday, said he’s ready for a “big fight for money” with the Cameroonian artist, after which Naked is eager to be the next challenge.

Nagnu, who won four straight fights in the first round, is preparing to fight for the UFC heavyweight title, but all indications are already pointing to defending champion Step Miosic in a trilogy match against former head coach Daniel Carmier earlier this year. It could hold Nagnu for the rest of 2020.

Jones has never lost in his twelve-year mixed martial arts career and has been able to move on to the heavyweight after basically eliminating two generations of candidates in the 205-pound division.

Earlier in the week, he even tweeted that he would prefer to fight with a heavier weight before officially going heavyweight.

Jones was active on Twitter during UFC 249 and again on Wednesday night while watching the UFC Night of the Night event titled Former Opponents Anthony Smith and Glover Taxira. Jones won the unanimous decision against Smith in March 2019 and pulled the scoreboard against Texira in 2014.

Owens St. Prix, a former victim of Jones, made his heavyweight debut at Wednesday’s co-main event. St. Purox lost the fun decision to split to veteran Ben Rothwell, who defeated many of the best fighters in the division.

Jones used the effectiveness of St. Prex to evaluate how he could act against more competition.

The weird guy watching OSP fight with heavy weight made it seem a lot more real to me. Especially knowing he was 240 miles away. With some more cardio, I’ve seen myself in this fight myself

– John Bonus Jones (@JonnyBones) May 14, 2020

It received a response from Nagnu that initiated an exchange so that Jones indicated that his speed differed from the actual heavyweights.

Empty makers look very slowly like authentic makers, all energy means nothing. I am not my friend https://t.co/co6uSqzRSm

– John Bonus Jones (@JonnyBones) May 14, 2020

Jones has gone the distance in his last three editions and although he has gone 3-0, his victories were not as convincing as many of his previous victories, in fact his win against Thiago Santos last July was a split decision and his win. In February, there was a controversy over Dominic Reyes, many of whom thought Reyes deserved to extend his hand.

On Thursday, Jones cast a shadow over Nagnur when he advised Santos to become a faster, more technical striker than Nagnur.

Would you like to consider the fastest and most technical striker Thiago Santos or Francis? If you think I don’t like this fight, you won’t be a fool. I have absolutely nothing to prove as a light heavyweight. I like that they are fighting for big money now. Submit bid

– John Bonus Jones (@JonnyBones) May 14, 2020

Nagnau soon accepted the challenge realized by Jose.

If you think you can handle my technical level properly, I agree with you that you have nothing to prove in the LHW section and this is for bags https://t.co/PtD04F3aSl

– Francis Nagnau (@Francis_Nganau) May 14, 2020

If Jones is to stay at ২০ 205, which he has done regularly throughout his career without any difficulty, the top contenders in the division at the moment are Race, Santos and Jan Blachowicz of Poland.

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