Ubisoft Forward Brings Official Immortality: The Phoenix Rising Trailer

Ubisoft has a long line of video game IPs and has been bringing in new franchises for players to enjoy over the years. One of the new video game franchises was revealed to be immortal: Phoenix Rising, a video game that went by another name earlier this year called Gods and Monsters. After the name change, the Ubisoft team chose to bring this game to the public once again during a Ubisoft forward.

The coronavirus health epidemic outbreak has become such a global changing event that we are still finding things to go. We felt its effects in industries around the world when the virus hit when we saw more companies being transformed into distant jobs rather than sitting together under one building. We have seen events canceled for 2020 without any attendance, concerts or conventions. One way to replace this is through streaming services and we see a number of popups among them.

For Ubisoft, they have brought a streaming show called Ubisoft Forward, which is basically a media conference just like the one you will see in the Ubisoft handle for E3. Most now prefer this setup because it allows companies to deliver more content than throwing tons of money to get an hour to showcase content during a big media stage event on E3. So far Ubisoft has retained two Ubisoft forwards and this second event has immortality: Phoenix Rising.

From the information published in the past, there was nothing new about the content that we did not already know. This is a third person action-adventure game set in the open world where players sink ships in a mysterious land where you are greeted by Greek gods to warn you as you choose to save the world from dark enemies that even the gods can’t stop. As a result, players will use the treasures given to them by the gods, along with other loot or weapons that you can come up with in your open world journey. If you haven’t caught the Ubisoft Forward event, check out the latest trailer in the stream above.

Source: YouTube

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