Two new venues have been added to the growing list of NSW coronavirus danger zones, as 15 new cases have been reported.

NSW has recorded 15 new cases of Covid-19, as state health authorities added two more venues to its list where people present at the same time as the coronavirus needed to be self-isolated.

State Deputy Chief Health Officer Jeremy McAnti has requested people attending venues to be disconnected immediately for 14 days and monitored for symptoms.

NSW has been identified as the Bistro Hotspot of the Batman’s Bay Soldiers Club on the South Coast; The two men who confirmed the case visited the spot between 13:00 pm and 9:30 pm on July 13.

Another confirmed case was a visit to Albion Park McDonald’s in the Shelharbar area between 2.30pm and 2.30pm on July 15.

Dr. McAnty said anyone with symptoms should come forward for testing immediately.

“We’ve got a growing list of places that people need to check regularly to see if they’ve visited those places on our website and to remind them that they need to be tested separately,” he said.

“We are at a critical juncture in the fight against the Cavid-19.”

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NSW has reported new cases from last 24 hours till 8 pm.

Five cases, including two from the same family, are under investigation without clear sources of infection.

There has been one more case at Casular Planet Fitness Gym, with six cases now involved in the July evening.

Four travelers returning to the hotel quarantine.

Five more cases are connected to the Crossroads Hotel, this cluster brings 45 people.

Another incident, released yesterday afternoon, is one of three cases that have surfaced from a Thai rock restaurant at Stockland Mall in Weather Park, Western Sydney.

Dr. McAnte reiterated the need for people to maintain social distance as the number of infections in the community increased and the links to infection became unclear.

“The concern is that we are complacent. We think it’s okay to gather around, to get together, but it’s not.

“We are still at risk. What is happening is that we need to make sure that we take action to protect all of us. “

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