/Two heavy-heating development studios are partners for litigation

Two heavy-heating development studios are partners for litigation

It’s okay to cheat in video games if it’s a single player title. Often, developers will entertain these cheats to get players to go through the campaign again. Whether it’s indomitable or unlimited ammunition, you get pretty good fun after you initially finish the game. What’s not fun is looking for cheats in multiplayer games. This is where everyone can probably agree that cheats are a long way from online matches.

However, this does not happen so often. Players in each competitive game have some sort of cheat software attached to get some edge. It’s not that kind of cheating, there’s no place for them in online games. This is usually the cat and mouse type of game recognized by the developers with cheat software and eliminates them with players’ accounts through cheating. However, hackers can always find cracks for that competitive edge. Some of these hackers even sell software for other players to use in their games.

Lawyers are what IP owners sometimes use against these cheaters. Usually, they sell chits for profit to those who follow them. It looks like two big developers have even joined forces to sue a certain hacker. Riot Games and Bungie Gator have teamed up to get Chits to go to the courtroom. From the legal action presented by Polygon, it seems that the riot games are filing for their Destiny 2 video game with Bungie for lost earnings from Valerant.

Free to play both titles and fraudulent software sold by Gator Cheats cost millions for these two companies. The companies claim that while the title can be played for free, the studios rely on app purchases from players. However, if the game fails to keep the audience because the gameplay is no longer suitable for everyone, it eventually omits the title to the players. Can’t wait to say where the lawsuit will end, but it looks like Gatechit has closed the store for now.

Source: PC Gamer, Polygon