Twitter response: Placeholder team wins 2020 draft order brings chaos

With an already unusual 2019-20 season due to the closure of the COVD-19 epidemic, the NHL Draft Lottery on Friday created yet another unprecedented event: the No. 1 overall pick for the 2020 NHL Draft is not yet the scheduled team.

The lottery to represent the teams included eight placeholders who will not make it to the top five series of the NHL play-in rounds if the 2019-20 season resumes. Placeholder was Team E’s 12th best response with a 2.5-percent chance and eventually secured the No. 1 spot.

As a result, the already chaotic draft lottery of this party will continue with the second round to determine which party will have the first election. With prospects expecting Alexis Lafrenier to be selected with that top pick, hockey fans will have to wait a little longer to see where the talented winger will end up.

The reality of any of the top three picking placement teams – leaving the first overall election – sent shockwaves across social media. See Twitter’s best response here:

So Taylor Hall’s yoga is the first overall?

– Paul Bisnetnet (@ BusinessPoint 2 Points 0) June 27, 2020

The Toronto Maple Leafs will have a better overall chance at first than the Ottawa Senators, the Buffalo Sabers and the Detroit Red Wings.

– Spence (@Clapenen) June 27, 2020

The NHL has done just that !!!!!

– Bill Burnwell (@bilburnwell) June 27, 2020


– Did the Red Wings win? (িড Did the_Bings Win) June 27, 2020

Conducting a draft lottery and still not knowing who won is the NHLest thing of all time.

– Ian McLaren (@INCMClaren) June 27, 2020

A reminder to Wings fans: Three years ago the iceberg finally died a mile later and then lost three times in the lottery and went down to the fourth peak. They took the goat with them.

– Down Brown Brown (@DownGoss Brown) June 27, 2020

God hates Ottawa senators.

– Seed Sixseiro (@seed_sexiero) June 27, 2020

The fans are arguing internally whether winning in the play-off round is better or better than losing for a shot in Lafrini’s picture

– Michael (@The Laughsimo) June 27, 2020

Detroit fans watch a slip from Lafrinie’s hand

– Spittin’s Chilets (@SpitinChiklets) June 27, 2020

Detroit RN:

– Danielle (@danielly_XE) June 27, 2020

Hahahaha! The NHL is amazing. Love the chaos of this lottery.

– Jema Kirstens-Smith (JickerStensSmith) June 27, 2020

# Concours to Red Wings fans after their team lost three points in the draft lottery:

– David Cadreli (@Quadreli) June 27, 2020

The Detroit Red Wings have lost 49 times this year, and another key “L”?

– Clickbot Keith (@Kefarkins) June 27, 2020

It’s been a tough night for Ottawa, but the senators can still draft two influential players at # 3 and # 5. The guy they made the fourth draft in 2018 overall wasn’t too bad. #Brady #totkuchuk

– Wayne Scanlan (@hawkiscanner) June 27, 2020

Nun, see the wound. Wounds, salt.

– Luok Fox (@flufoxjukbox) June 27, 2020

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