TVs 14 now available for your Apple TV: Deep HomeKit integration, 4K YouTube, image-in-picture

The TVs 14 is out now, available to install your Apple TV in the fourth generation or Apple TV 4K in the set-top box. To update, go to the Settings app and navigate to General -> Software Update.

TVS14 brings a variety of new features and enhancements to your Apple TV, including enhanced integration with homekit accessories such as cameras and smart doorbells, support for 4K video on YouTube for the first time, multiple user improvements, and picture-in-picture video coverage.

Apple continues to develop the Apple TV platform with new features that bring Apple experiences to the living room. While the company is bringing some of the Apple TV experience to smart TVs like TV apps and AirPlay, Apple is pushing TVS to make sure it has its own unique features.

So what’s new in that TVS14?

Richar integration with homekit cameras and doorbells

Apple TV doesn’t yet have a home app, but now it works more seamlessly with your smart home. If you have a homekit video doorbell, Apple TV will listen to you and display a notification when the doorbell rings with a live video stream. (Incoming AirPlay mirroring requests may also appear in this floating thumbnail, so you don’t have to interrupt what you’re seeing))

In the Control Center panel, you can now quickly swipe through all your HomeKit cameras and tap to expand to full screen. You can control your house by activating your favorite homekit scenes from the Apple TV Control Center.

Multiple user support for Apple Arcade and Game Center

Apple introduced the idea of ​​multiple user accounts with TVS13 last year. You’ve added support to the Apple Games Center this year to save all your game progress, and the successes are consistent with the number of users currently logged in.

This means that your progress in Apple Arcade synchronizes to Apple TV for each member of your family. Simply switch to your user account and then pick from where you go.

4K on YouTube

Apple TV 4K launched in 2017 after leading the way in visual and audio fidelity with support for HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. However, one of the biggest seekers of this support is the YouTube app.

Due to the battle between Apple and Google over 4K video codecs, Apple TV has so far been unable to play 4K YouTube videos until TVS14 lets Apple TV understand the VP9 video codec, which means 4K YouTube is now playing at full resolution.


Image-in-picture was previously only available in the TV app. It is now available system-wide. An app like the iPad (and iOS 14 including iOS) can lift the playing video to a floating window, which will be stuck in the corner of the screen. You can navigate around the entire Apple TV interface while the video continues.

You can try picture-in-picture using the Apple TV app. Apple has released the Picture-in-Picture API to developers so that third-party apps can participate, but you’ll have to wait for app updates to flow through the App Store.


  • The Apple Music app has been upgraded
  • 4K AirPlay for videos and photos
  • Two pairs of airpods can be added at the same time to share audio
  • Support for Microsoft Xbox Elite 2 controllers

Update to TVS14 in your own Apple TV box right now. Today, Apple has released the universal version of iOS 14 and WatchOS 7.

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