Try off the Maxtedium Orca + 50% off from cloud-hosted Mac Minis

Last year the WWDC announced the beta of its new Orca platform at MacStadium and just for this year’s event they are announcing the release of Arca Cloud built on the latest Mac Mini hardware. MacStadium is offering a special 50% off within the first six months of individual Zen3 Mac Mini subscriptions with 9to5Mac reader code WWDC2020.

Scroll down for more information on Mac Mini subscriptions and live demos of Maxt Stadium’s new Orca platform.

As the trend of home-based work drives to increase demand for remote servers, McStadium’s cloud-hosted Mac Mini subscriptions have become essential for students and staff trapped at home looking to offer applications and access to servers.

Dedicated entirely to Max in the cloud, Maxt Stadium offers a variety of Mac private cloud options that can be used for iOS / Mac development, remote servers and other workloads that require Max. Mackstead’s personal clouds are always built on authentic Apple Mac hardware and are trusted by iOS developers and mobile testing teams around the world, including the host of the popular developer-Stacktress podcast on 9to5Mac.


Orca is MacStadium’s new virtualization platform based on standard cloud orchestration tools such as Docker and Coburnets, but built specifically for Apple hardware. This means a reliable, software-driven, and DIOS testing high-performance experience for iOS and Mac applications that requires a large pool of Macs to drive CI-powered development.

Homebrew, a beta user, recently shared his experience with the new platform:

“Everyone would prefer a Google Cloud or AWS for MacOS to deal with MacOS automation,” said Mike McCoy of Homebrew. “I think the orca is the closest thing you can get. You are able to spin up and down VMS using easy-to-use CLI or API. “

Orca Clouds can be built into Mac ProGlue or the latest T2 Mac Minis and brings plugins for CI tools including Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, BuildKite and TMCT.

You can try the orco demo now, for a two-hour orca playground setting on

And 50% off in the first six months of Zen3 Mac Mini subscriptions hosted with WWDC 2020 code get

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