Trump will send federal agents to Chicago, possibly other cities

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump plans to deploy federal agents in Chicago and possibly other Democrat-led cities as he continues to use the Department of Homeland Security in an unforgettable, political manner.

The DHS is about to send about 150 Homeland Security Investigation Agents to Chicago to help local law enforcement deal with the increased lawlessness, according to an official with direct knowledge of plans to speak on condition of anonymity. Publicly.

The officer, who is commonly used to conduct investigations into human trafficking, drug and arms smuggling, was expected to stay in Chicago for at least two months, the official said. It’s not exactly clear how they will back up local law enforcement or when they will come, but they will be arrested for federal offenses, not locals.

These may be possible to relocate

A Homeland Security spokesman said the department did not comment on the allegations.

In a tweet on Sunday, Trump blamed local leaders for the violence in Chicago and other cities.

“We know that the radical left Democrats, who have complete control over Biden, will destroy our country. Trump tweeted, referring to his potential Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, that unimaginably bad things would happen to America. “Look at Portland, where with 50 days of anarchy the poles are fine we sent help. Look at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. No! “

The move is Trump’s latest attempt to use an agency – designed to protect the country from the threat of terrorists after the 9/11 attacks – to complement local law enforcement in the way critics have expressed concern. Trump has already deployed agents in Portland to protect the federal building from protesters, sharply criticizing local leaders who say they have only escalated tensions.

Homeland Security agents have also been deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border with National Guard forces there during the crisis.

But with the border largely closed due to carniviruses and illegal crossings, Trump has turned the department into a threat to what he now sees in the United States and the role he has played in his base: Violence following protests over police reform This has shaken the nation ever since.

In June, federal authorities in riot gear used Rafa bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd from Lafayette Square so that the president could walk across the plaza and draw a picture with the Bible outside a church. That land is federal property. But not Portland and Chicago, although agents are protecting federal buildings and other federal property.

In Chicago, the president of the Local Police Officers Union wrote a letter to Trump asking for “assistance to the federal government” in tackling gun violence. The city has seen 414 homicides this year, compared to 275 in the same period last year, and cities across the country have seen an increase in violence in recent weeks.

But Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot has said she doesn’t want Trump to send agents to Chicago.

About two weeks ago in Kansas City, the Trump administration sent more than 100 federal law enforcement officers to stop the escalation of violence following the shooting death of a young woman there.

Jill Colvin and Colin Long, Associated Press

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