Trump McCain; Biden’s virus spread

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump says he never called John McCain a loser – he did – and denies the late Republican senator’s record on the elderly, yet regularly calls McCain’s crowning achievement his own.

) Trump distorted events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week and returned the fist to his own hand before making a fuss over his comments about fallen soldiers.

Democratic opponent Joe Biden claimed he was the first person to call for the use of emergency production power in the epidemic, when he was not.

A review:

Veterans and McCain

Trump: “I’ve never been a big fan of John McCain, I don’t agree with him on a lot of things, including ridiculous endless fights and his lack of success in dealing with the VA and our great Vets.” – Part of a series of tweets on Thursday.

Facts: He’s ignoring McCain’s single successes on behalf of fellow veterans.

McCain was the Senate’s top force behind the legislation that gave experienced seniors the option to go beyond the Department of Veterans Affairs’ healthcare system and take personal care at public expense under certain conditions. President Barack Obama has signed into law the VA Choice Act. Ignoring that reality, Trump emphatically claims that he brought Choice into law when no one else could.

Trump signed into law in 2018 that expanded the options for using the Choice Program, founded by Obama, McCain and other lawmakers.

The 2018 law was named after three lawmakers who were veterans of the war, all of whom are now dead. Samuel R. Johnson, R-Texas and Democrat Sen. Daniel K. Akaka, D-Hawaii and McCain, R-Arizz


Trump: “Also, I never call John a loser and no matter what, or anyone who asks me to swear, I never tell our great fallen soldiers anything but heroes.” – Tweet on Thursday.

Fact: He lost to McCain.

In addition, the Associated Press has confirmed many comments that Trump made remarks about U.S. military members being dissatisfied or taken prisoner by the Atlantic, such as his description of American casualties in a military cemetery as “lost”.

As for McCain, Trump told a conservative forum in Iowa in 2015 that his view of McCain changed when McCain lost the presidential election to Obama in the 200’s. “He’s lost, so I don’t like him so much anymore, because I don’t like the victims,” ​​he said. Trump canceled McCain’s war service: “He’s not a war hero. “I like people who were not prisoners.”

In 2015, Trump also tweeted a news article on Twitter calling McCain “defeated.”



Biden: “When it came up until March, I kept saying, ‘Look, you got the request,’ and you remember, I think I was the first – I could be wrong – to call for an individual defense production law.” – Comments after a press conference on Wednesday.

Facts: He is right about being wrong.

Biden issued a statement March 18 urging Trump to prioritize the Defense Production Act and to “immediately increase the domestic production of any critical medical equipment needed to respond to this crisis – such as ventilator production and related management training.” Trump signed an order to exercise his authority under the law.

Five days ago, a group of Democrats in Congress urged Trump to use his powers under the law, a move that Trump officials and others have been openly discussing for weeks.


Protection and Violence

Trump about Wisconsin officials and the National Guard: “Once they responded and once we took it, you know, it’s under control, the situation has gotten really good.” – Comments on Kenosha on Tuesday.

Trump: “One of the reasons I’m traveling today and going to Wisconsin is because we’ve had so much success stopping what will happen now, now a city – that would be Kenosha – a city that would have been burned to the ground for so long.” It closes with the arrival of the National Guard. “- Comments Tuesday before visiting Wisconsin.

Fact: Not true. He had no connection to the deployment of the National Guard in Wisconsin. The federal government never “took control of it.”

The day after Kenosha Police Officer Jacob Blake was shot dead, Governor Tony Evers, D-Wis. Activated the state’s National Guard, sparked protests and violence over police action and racism. When National Guard forces from the other three states came to help, because the governor asked for help from assistant governors, not the White House.

Evers said National Guard forces in Arizona, Michigan and Alabama were controlled by the military and Wisconsin, “not in federal status.” The National Guard responds not to Washington, but to the governor and sometimes the state legislature.

The federal government sent about 200 deputies from the U.S. Martial Services and agents to the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The recovery of the order was largely in the hands of the National Guard Unit and local law enforcement.

As of Monday, the Wisconsin National Guard had 1,000 National Guard troops in Kenosha and the other three states had 500 National Guard troops, according to Wisconsin National Guard Major General Paul Kenap.


Trump was asked if he would condemn the actions of Kyle Rittenhaus, a 1K man accused of shooting dead two people during a Kenosha protest: “You saw the tape as you saw it. And he was trying to get away from them, I guess; It’s a lot to see. And he fell, and then they attacked him very hard and it was something we’re seeing right now and it’s under investigation. But I think he was in big trouble. He would have – I – he would probably have been killed. “- Monday’s press conference.

Facts: His statement that Wrighthouse only shot men after he was shot and that they attacked him is wrong. The first fatal shooting took place just before Ritenhaus fled.

Trump didn’t say what he meant by “stars” – the two people he shot or chased after. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

According to criminal charges released by prosecutors, the victim, Joseph Rosenbaum, was first shot dead after entering the parking lot of Wrightenhaus, where Rosenbaum threw a plastic bag at the gunman and tried to take a weapon from him.

Physician examiners found that Rosenbaum was shot in the groin and back – which broke her pelvis and her right lung and liver – and pierced her left arm. He received an excessive blow to his left thigh and a bruise on his forehead.

Wrighthouse then took to the streets and after trying to stop him, many people chased him and shouted that he had just shot someone, according to criminal charges and cellphone video footage.

He tripped and fell. Anthony Huber, who was carrying a skateboard, was reportedly shot in the chest. A third person was shot and injured.

Rittenhouse’s lawyer says he acted to defend himself.


Voting Fred

General William’s remarks on fraud in the vote-mail process are repeated: “Elections held by mail have found considerable fraud and coercion.” – CNN on Wednesday

Facts: In fact, multiple surveys have rejected the notion of widespread voter fraud in general and in the vote-mail process.

Five states that relied on mail-in ballots before the coronavirus epidemic – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah – have said they have the necessary protections to fight fraud and prevent discriminatory foreign actors from voting. More states want to be more reliant on mail-in voting in the fall of this state due to epidemics.

More than a decade ago, the attorney general quoted a report from a commission headed by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker as saying that vote-mail fraud was at risk. But the commission indicated in a statement in May that there was little evidence of fraud in states like Oregon that have adequate protection.

Barr also said he was “arguing” with concerns that he could create a bogus ballot for the selection of unfavorable foreign actors. But senior US officials called a press conference last month and said they had no idea what was going on.



Biden: “Donald Trump may be the only president in modern history to have left office with fewer jobs than he did.” – Wilmington, Delaware, Speech Friday.

Fact: Probably yes, probably not.

Herbert Hoover has a record of fewer jobs since he stepped down as president in an era of depression.

This could happen to Trump because of the epidemic, but he could also make very little profit.

When Trump took office in January 2011, there were 4.7 million fewer jobs in August. But if he leaves office in five months, and the economy adds more than 1 million jobs per month, as happened in July and August, he may end up in black, although there are signs that the business is losing restaurants, bars, retailers and other businesses. Profits are declining as many workers who have been temporarily laid off are being reminded again. So Biden’s prediction may come true.


The report was contributed by Associated Press writers Will Weissert, Eric Tucker, Josh Bok and Christopher Rugab.


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