Trump is not on an AIDS vaccine that does not exist

WASHINGTON (AP) – Citing a non-existent medical milestone, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the same scientific prowess that developed a vaccine for AIDS could soon lead to a distribution for Cavid-19. There is no vaccine for AIDS.

Trump also accused the previous administration of making no effort to stop abusive policing, ignoring a clear campaign by President Barack Obama to do just that.

Trump addressed policing and epidemics in remarks at the White House to sign an executive order encouraging better practice of law enforcement. The day before, his vice president had weakened the epidemic state in Oklahoma, when Trump was going to hold a weekend rally in Tulsa, a similar incident in a few months.

At a glance:

TRUMP, on scientists: “These people – the best, the smartest, the brightest anywhere and they came up with the AIDS vaccine. They came up with those different things – at the White House on Tuesday.

Incidents: No one came up with the AIDS vaccine, there is no cure. According to the latest total, about 38,000 people were infected with HIV in the United States and about 1.7 million worldwide.

However, potent drugs transform HIV into a chronic condition managed for many patients, prompting a global effort to get these drugs to people in need of their drugs.

Also, taking certain HIV drugs every day can act as a deterrent, dramatically reducing the chances that someone who is still healthy becomes infected through sex or injecting drug use becomes a small part of Americans who may benefit from so-called “pre-exposure prophylaxis” By

Yet “there is no vaccine that can prevent HIV infection or treat those who have it,” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in an effort to outline the development efforts.

Trump is probably trying to correct himself while following the comment that science has “different things” for AIDS.

As a vaccine to end the coronavirus epidemic, Trump seems confident that one will be ready by the end of the year, but public health authorities have warned that there is currently no guarantee that the test will come out among the candidates. Dr. Anthony Fawcett of the National Institutes of Health says a vaccine can be imagined by the end of the year only if everything goes well in the final tests this summer.


Trump, on police practice: “President Obama and Vice President Biden haven’t even tried to fix it in their eight years. The reason they haven’t tried is because they had no idea how to do it.” – At the White House on Tuesday.

Fact: This is a lie.

Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice opened 25 extensive civil rights investigations into local law enforcement agencies across the country, including police departments in Chicago, Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri.

The purpose of these investigations was to protect volatile departments from signs of civil rights violations and to enforce court-enforced consent decrees, usually to force agencies to commit fundamental changes related to enforcement, stops, searches, and more.

In addition, Obama has set up a task force to bring the best practices of White House policing and suggest ways to reduce crime as well as improve public confidence. The task force released its report in 2015.

That year the Obama administration blocked the supply of certain types of military equipment to local police departments, which Trump reversed two years later.

Public pressure on Congress to pass clear legislation on policing may now intensify after nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. But the limited action that Trump took on Tuesday surrounded Congress.


Vice President Mike Pence: “Oklahoma is actually in the forefront of efforts to reduce our expansion. And in a real sense, they have flattened the curve. সংখ্যা The number of cases in Oklahoma – it has dropped dramatically “” – Monday comments.

Events: Curves have risen higher since the end of May, not flattering.

Oklahoma reported only 41 new coronavirus cases on May 28, less than in April. However, the infection has increased since then. Over the weekend, the state posted an intense number and set a daily record of 228 new cases on Tuesday.

Oklahoma is one of nearly half the states where coronavirus infections have increased since May when governors began relaxing the social distance order.

In Tulsa, where a Trump rally is scheduled for Saturday, the rate of infection continues to rise despite months of restraint. The average number of four days of new days in the city has doubled since the previous April. The director of the city’s own health department. Bruce Dart said he hopes the rally will be postponed, noting that the huge indoor rally is partly responsible for the recent outbreak.

Republican Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Steit said he asked Trump’s campaign to consider a larger, more outdoor space for more people.


Associated Press writers Eric Tucker and Lauren Niergaard contributed to this report.


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