Trump administration to retire 13 federally run COVID-19 testing sites

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WASHINGTON – The Trump administration has announced that it is currently “converting” the last remaining federally administered coronavirus testing sites in 13 of the five states to be reintroduced to local pharmacies in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Services (HHS) says “increasing test capability”.

President Donald Trump has said he has asked his administration to reduce coronavirus testing, as this powerful test results in far more cases of Covid-19.

President Trump has falsely linked the rise of lawsuits to the rise of exams in the United States.

The virus has been blamed for more than 120,000 deaths in the United States – the highest number in the world by June 22, 2020. On Wednesday, about 160,000 people with computer models at the University of Washington were estimated to have died by Oct. 1.

“The federal government is not ending funding or support for the Covid-19 testing site,” said Brett Girouer, the White House’s chief coronavirus test administrator, in a statement.

“In contrast, we have upgraded more than 600 from the original 41 sites in 48 states and the District of Columbia of the Federal Bundle Payment Program to pharmacy, and enabled more than 1,400 pharmacy sites through regulatory flexibility to enable pharmacists and facilitate billing and payment,” Girouer added. “In addition, 93% of all Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provide Covid-19 testing; Thousands of sites. HHS will continue to enhance testing capabilities as a whole and make it more accessible, especially to the following communities. ”

Giroir argued that the 13 testing sites were part of an “ancient” preliminary testing system, adding that the upcoming plan to host testing sites at local pharmacies was “more efficient”.

“All 13 sites were granted an additional 30 days from the original transfer date in May, and I have personally spoken to the governors of the 5 states involved and / or the descendants of their leaders who agreed that the original 13 sites were the appropriate time to move on. And thousands of new test options, ”Giroir said.

The HHS move came amid a sharp decline in new cases in hot spots in the U.S., such as New York and New Jersey, with several other states setting single-day litigation records on Wednesday, including Arizona, California, Mississippi, Nevada and Texas.

A Texas county health official has sent a letter to HHS asking for support and assistance in testing the federally run testing sites that the department plans to retire.

“(Harris County Public Health) The demand for COVD-19 testing is growing significantly, with both FEMA-supported sites reaching the capacity of 50 tests per site. So, it’s clear that the COVID-19 test is needed more now than ever before, ”wrote Dr. Umayr Shah, executive director of the Harris County Department of Public Health in Texas.

In the letter, Dr Shah called on the federal government to maintain the federal testing site until at least August 30.


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