Total Madness episode tonight? Cleaning results from clean

Jenna, Nanny and Jordan formed a new tribunal to decide on the abolition of the puritanical officer. Credit Peak: MTV

Wednesday, Challenge: Total Madness returned at the end of last week’s discipline. After finishing their chance for big money, the audience was finally able to see who was the next person to drop out of the show.

Will it be the elimination of women, but will it involve the elimination of adultery or various purifications? Challenge: Here is the latest summary of who returned to the country for the results of Total Madness Episode 7.

Planning and nomination of the tribunal for expulsion

In the final episode, J. Stuart was sent home because he was unable to continue treatment after a debilitating illness.

Nanny and Jordan appeared in an astonishing form of tribunal at the end of Total Madness 6 after winning the final competition. They brought Jenna as the third member, although they thought she would be a group vote to eliminate them

Now is the time to find out who will be sent for purification. Nanny and Kayla conspired with Jenna.

They said it would be smart to vote for Jenny or D if Tory was involved, so maybe one of them would go home.

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During the team nominations, Tory speaks to everyone and says he should be honored to be sent to get his Red School. Most of the party voted for Tory. Nelson apologized for yelling at Anis during the competition.

But then she gets into an argument with Kaila, who calls her “the most hostile woman.” The bear is fighting Nelson against him.

Tori gets a group voice to get elimination. People pulled Nelson aside to talk to her about calling Kailah a “whore”.

Another drama erupted at night

Everyone goes to hang out at the bar before extinction. Nanny flirts with Kayes, but he has a girlfriend at home. Anisa tries to talk to Kayes after Nanny leaves for a while.

Nanny comes back and is involved with Anisa. Back home, Nanny has a cup of noodles and throws them away while she brags for being drunk.

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Nelson apologized to Kyler for his earlier screams and he forgave him. Nanny cried when she spoke to Anisa the next morning and apologized for her behavior yesterday.

Five potential candidates were nominated by the tribunal

Jordan, Nanny and Jenna meet about who to send to their choice. Jordan advises DK. Nanny advised Kailah. Jordan recommends Big T as an easy competitor to kill Tori Nanny and Jenna can also use the opportunity to go inside if they decide to face Tony.

Speaking to the tribunal first, he became one of the nominees. He told Jordan that Tori would not be a light red skull and would return angry.

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Big Too shed some tears during the tribunal interview. They tell him that this is not a personal attack on him. Corey also gave Big T Pip Talk as he left the house.

Jana made another video call with Zach. She gets angry and says she cheated on him and lied to him. He gave her an ultimatum. Zach says that if she decides to stay there and doesn’t come home to talk to him, she will keep her things in her house.

Jenna fights with Zach when he gives her an ultimatum.

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Eliminate purification using TJ

Towards the end, like TJ Lavina, the time to exterminate and watch is a physical extermination involving wheels, ramps and other heavy objects. Tori got down and joined TJ.

TJ asked the tribunal for their vote. Jenna tells TJ that she wants to go inside and try to prove herself. TJ asked if he wanted to leave? Jenna assures him that it is not.

Game Dust to Dust, where they carry bricks along the ramp to break thorns. The piece of brick falls into the wheelbarrow at the bottom and then must fill the kite around the row. To do this the first contestant wins and loses and goes home.

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Jenna gets off to an impressive start. Tori finally caught on. When he presses on his final ramp, it turns into a neck and neck. In the end, Jenna surprises everyone and wins by playing the TJ horn.

Jordan quickly hugs him, and Tori tells him to stay put. Jenner now has a red skull as she goes to Tenny’s house.

Challenge: Total Madness aired on 8/7 CMTV on Wednesday.

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