Top Netflix Family Movies (June 2020)

Back to the Future and Road to Witch Mountain Peak Credit: Universal / Disney

Netflix gives families a perfect opportunity to watch movies at home. One of the best family favorite movies in streaming services is from

From great family-friendly comedy movies and adventure sci-fi to rediscovering classics, there’s something for everyone here.

Parents have been trying to introduce their kids to movies since childhood or kids show new movies to their parents from this generation, kids of all ages can find something to enjoy.

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From the time-traveling Delorian to the talking mouse and the family of superheroes to the world’s most powerful heroine, Netflix has it.

Here are 15 family movies you can watch on Netflix in June 2020.

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Back to the Future (1985)

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Fir in the Future. Peak Credit: Public

Released in 1985, Robert Jemekis returned to the future. Michael J. Fox plays Martin McFly, a teenage boy who travels on time to visit his parents.

However, he must make sure that he does not change the past, or erase himself in the future.

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Christopher Lloyd plays Doc Brown and the movie makes Delores a classic iconic car in movie history.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, Back to the Future stands the test of time and remains one of the best family movies available on Netflix.

Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory (19 1971)

Willie Onka and Jean Wilder at the chocolate factory. Peak Credit: Pictures of Paramount

Netflix has two adaptations of the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but a better version to watch for families is Willie Wanka and the 1971 Jean Wilder movie titled Chocolate Factory.

As a fancy chocolate candy maker, Wilder invites those kids to visit the factory after winning a gold ticket. Each child only needs to be tested for up to one and that child can win control of the factory.

Wilder received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for a Music or Comedy Actor, and in 2014, the film was added to the National Film Article by the Library of Congress.

Goosebumps 2 (2018)

Cast of Goosebumps 2: Hello Halloween Peak Credit: Sony

Published in 2018, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 2015’s RL Stein adaptation, a sequel to Goosebumps.

The sequel features a new cast of kids that finds Slipkick a dummy and brings him back to life. Slip then decides to take their family as his own and turns the small town man into monsters to serve him.

Jack Black returns from the first movie, but only in a limited role at the end. The Netflix family movie also ended with the possibility of another sequel to the series.

Spiderwick Chronicles (2006)

Spiderwick Chronicles. Peak Credit: Pictures of Paramount

Spiderwick Chronicles, released in 2006, is a film that helped introduce Freddie Haimore to the world.

Based on the Holly Black and Tony Dietergy novels, Haymore stars Jared as a young boy who finds a field guide who lets him see mythical creatures, including a fairy named Thimbletack.

Unfortunately, he also released the Mulgarath and Gablin armies.

Jared and his family must defend their home against the goblins, and finally, Jared must stand in Mulgart for all his love. Mark Waters (Mean Girls) is directing this family movie on Netflix.

Stuart Little (1999)

Stuart Little. Peak Credit: Sony

E. Based on a novel by B. White, Gina Davis and Hugh Laurie as a couple preparing to adopt the 1999 family film Stuart Little.

Instead, they meet an anthropological teenage mouse named Stuart. The couple chooses to adopt Stuart instead of a child and brings him home where he meets their young son George, who refuses to accept the mouse as his brother.

When a pair of explorers kidnap Stuart, his new family is ready to rescue him. Michael J. Fox has voiced Stuart Little in this family movie on Netflix.

Witch Mountain Race (2009)

Twain Johnson in the Due Mountain Race. Peak Credit: Walt Disney

Dwayne starred in action movies and Disney family movies before Johnson became the biggest star in “The Rock” Hollywood.

In 2009, Johnson starred in a remake race of Witch Mountain. The original picture, Hatch to Witch Mountain, was published in 1975 and was based on a 1968 novel.

The 2009 edition was the third film based on the series, starring Johnson as Jack Bruno, a taxi driver who was raised in Las Vegas as two alien children in search of a crashed UFO.

Hugo (2011)

Butterfield coming from Hugo. Peak Credit: Pictures of Paramount

In 2011, Martin Scorsese directed the family film Hugo, which is now available for screen on Netflix. The film is based on Hugo Cabret’s 2007 book discovery.

Asar Butterfield played a young homeless boy in the 1930s whose father died. Hugo tries to solve the mystery of his father’s automation while avoiding the local police.

The film pays tribute to leading filmmaker George Meliz.

Hugo has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture – which ended in winning five awards for the most technical success of 2011.

Clouds with Metabolism Possibilities (2009)

Cloudy with the possibility of metabolism. Peak Credit: Colombia

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was released in 2009 as Sony Pictures animated movie based on the 1978 children’s book of the same name.

Flint Lockwood is a young scientist who lives in an island town in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He built a machine that turns water into food.

When it is overloaded, it shoots in the sky and feeds the rain, and Flint has to find a way to stop his instrument before it destroys the city.

The voice cast is led by Bill Hader, Anna Farris and Neil Patrick Harris.

Incredible 2 (2018)

Incredible 2. Peak Credit: Pixar

Most Disney and Pixar movies leave Netflix for the Disney + streaming service. But there is still something left, including Incredibles 2.

This 2018 animated movie is a sequel to the original 2000 movie about the family of superheroes.

A wealthy businessman wants to legalize superheroes again and tells Elastigirl to be the face of a new era of heroes to save a day when a new villain known as Screenslaver looks to ruin things, relying on the Incredibles.

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Single: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Alden Ehrenerich in the single: A Star Wars Story. Peak Credit: Lucasfilm

Single: Star Wars Story was the latest Star Wars movie before Disney shut down future productions for Spin-Off.

The movie was a prequel, with Alden Ehrenerich meeting Chewbaker as Han Solo, winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calarasian and learning what it means to be a hero.

This rare Disney movie is still available on Netflix and is better than most people remember. Ehrenrich is great as a solo and the supporting cast of Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, and Thandi Newton are at the top of their games.

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns. Peak Credit: Walt Disney

Directed by Rob Marshall, Mary Poppins Returns 19 is a sequel to the favorite classic Emily Blunt has played the role of Mary Poppins since 1964.

The film begins 25 years after the original film, and Mary sees Jane and Michael Banks return to verse a year after a family tragedy.

Produced by Disney, the film hit theaters in 2015 and was a huge success. 54 years between this and the first film is one of the longest gaps in film history.

This movie is another one that will eventually move Netflix to Disney +.

Shark Boy and Lava Girl (2005)

Shark Boy and Lava Girl Taylor Lauter and Taylor Dolly. Peak Credit: Dimension Films

Despite being ripped apart by critics, Robert Rodriguez’s Adventures of the Sharkboy and Lovergirl is still a fun family movie for kids of all ages.

While Spy Kids remains one of his most popular kids movie series, Sharkboy and Lovegirl retain their own attitudes.

Future twilight star Taylor Lauter appeared as a child-like sharkboy, while David Arquette, Christine Davis, and George Lopez brought familiar faces from the East.

The movie stars Kyden Boyd as a young dreamer who finds stories from his dream journal come to life.

The big holiday of urination (201))

P-Way-Herman on the big holidays of Pre-Wei. Peak Credit: Netflix

Produced by Netflix in 2016, Pre-Weave’s Big Holiday P-View brings Herman back to a new generation of children.

P-View is a kitchen for dinner in a small town, and the locals love it. He met actor Joe Manganiello, who convinced Pre-Huay to leave his small town for Joy’s birthday party and move to New York City.

Like in the classic P-Have Herman movie, he finds himself in an awkward and awkward situation, in which a group of hijackers cross and visit a fragile snake farm.

There are a few smiles in this family movie but lots of hearts.

Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse (2018)

Miles Morales in Spider-Man: In Spider-verse. Peak Credit: Sony

The best Spider-Man movie to hit theaters instantly was the animated Spider-Man: Spider-verse.

Produced by Sony, this Spider-Man movie introduces Mile Morales to the world, Spider-Man of the Marvel Ultimate Universe.

However, it brings Peter Parker from our world, a superpower Gwen Stacey, Spider-Man Noir, even Peter Poker, the spectacular Spider-Ham.

The film was a huge success, winning the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award and the Best Animated Feature Film at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Avengers: Eternal War (2018)

Starring from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Peak Credit: Surprise

Almost every Marvel movie has already moved to Disney +. Even Avengers: Endgame has completely avoided Netflix, but Avengers: Infinity War is still available for Netflix customers to watch.

The film was the third Avengers film and the first part of the two-part finale that ended the Avengers story.

Thanos invades Earth and the Avengers must team up with every superhero available to prevent Elijah from wiping out the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War grossed over ২ 2 billion – the fourth highest grossing film of all time.

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