/Tom Brady sent a strong message in support of justice on behalf of Ahmad Arberry

Tom Brady sent a strong message in support of justice on behalf of Ahmad Arberry

At 11 a.m. on Sunday, February 23rd, a few weeks after the Super Bowl, a heated mob killed another unarmed black man in the United States.

Ahmed Arberry, a miserable greedy man, left Brunswick, a black town mostly in southeastern Georgia. Through the predominantly white neighborhood of Santilla Shores, Arberry was chased in a truck, fatally shot and killed by George and Travis McMishley, who believed Arberry was responsible for the theft of his neighborhood.

It will even take 744 days to arrest McMahon, with local prosecutors who have been prosecuting the case for weeks before the challenge being part of the delay. During this time, Arabic name and story spread widely on social media to raise awareness about the case – RunWithMod.com – a website was launched.

This digital voice, along with superstars like Steve Curry and LeBron James, was joined by a wave of athletes. Perhaps, surprisingly, the vast majority was Krishna.

On May 8, the Players Coalition, an organization founded by Ankan Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins, published a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney General William Barr protesting Colin Copernicus’ work to promote “American social justice and racial equality.” They again called for an immediate federal investigation into the deaths.

Today should have been Mahmoud Arberry’s 26th birthday. Instead, our nation is in mourning. Because of conflicts of interest, local players, other athletes, and we’re asking Attorney General Barr to investigate the tragic death of the FBI and DOJ. We need action. pic.twitter.com/2qG8lih6A4

– Ankan Boldin (@Akan Boldin) May 8, 2020

Seventy-five athletes, coaches and officials signed the players’ association charter with their names. Among them was a name that may have surprised many people and must have stood out: Tom Brady.

Until now, the Alliance of Players has been called the “Alliance of Black Players”. Josh McCown is the lone member of the White Alliance which, although it does help a player talk about these issues, does not explicitly state that a quarterback making travel cash does not move the index like the best football player of all time.

Since May 8, the day the letter was published, Brady has been the most notable athlete in tweets about the players’ coalition. Boldin drew more attention to signing the letter than to writing it, and found the company.

Because, it makes perfect sense.

First, Brady’s involvement is a big step for former apocalyptic athletes. Despite having a magic hat in his closet at one point, Brady never borrowed his name except from his paying partners. When asked if he supported Trump ahead of the 2011 election, he said, “I don’t know what the problems are. I did not pay attention to politics for a long time. It’s not actually something that even enjoys. He was off my radar. “Later, when asked about Trump’s divisive policy, he said, ‘I don’t want to confuse our party. “

Second, when he chose to go to trial again, Brady was able to make significant progress in the fight for racial equality in the United States. This special situation is unique, as league officials are also involved in the initiative and NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent will also sign in his name. But Brazie is less than Roger Goodell, America’s most synonymous favorite sport. He faces the league.

When blacks lose their lives, blacks only cry out for crisis, sending the message that black lives are small, that these deaths are only important to other blacks. When a sports journalist talks about it, they are asked to adjust to the sport. Black athletes are accused of playing race cards when they draw attention.

When a strong white man like Tom Brady says something needs to be done, he is much more likely to focus on systemic problems. A Brady-sized white athlete who asserted his name justifies the argument in the eyes of many. That is why these laws and allies are of utmost importance.

Or historically, we have seen that the power of white figures broadens black verbs. Jackie kept her hands around Robinson at the time of Robinson’s death, “P We” Reese is part of the masculinity of both. So much so, that there is a scene dedicated to Robinson’s biopic “42” and a statue of the moment was erected. While dedicating the statue, Robinson’s widow, Rachel, said: “It is a historical symbol of a wonderful legacy of friendship, teamwork, and courage. Among many things we hope we can reach out to young people. And we hope that they are inspired, inspired by it and how they will think about the situation they are facing, that they dare to challenge the status quo and find a friend who will come and support you and support you. “

As little as this performance may seem, Brady signed his name with his hand on the cause

The foundation of team sports is that we can achieve more than just being different. Brady, who joins the players ’alliance, is helping to build a bridge over a divisive issue that can help people on both sides gain more understanding and humanity and perhaps prevent more people from losing their lives.

It also establishes protection for other prominent white athletes. Can any other player in the league really say that when the most supportive assistant player in the entire NFL has just shown up, he has a lot to lose by showing his support?

Black athletes are charged for talking about social issues that are not for their white parts. It doesn’t end with Brady’s signature, but it’s clear that the conversation about racial and social justice in America can’t be present in a resonant chamber with similar ideas if we hope to achieve something real.

Hopefully, more white athletes and white people will get Brady’s permission. Because white is the subject of support.