Toll has canceled 2020 North America travel with the promise of full refunds

Toole has canceled his 2020 tour. Peak credit: hutchingson2khl9320 # / youtube

Fans interested in seeing the equipment at the concert in 2020 may be disappointed to hear that their 2020 North America tour has been canceled due to the ban. However, the tool is taken into consideration by the fans when making this decision.

Toll revealed in a statement that they are canceling the tour to ensure that all fans get their money back when people across the country are struggling financially.

Tools to help fans cancel 2020 tours

The reason the tool canceled a 2020 North America tour is because fans can get it back. The cancellation comes at a time when people are unable to pay their bills because many businesses have been shut down for two or more months due to the carnivirus epidemic.

If the tool postpones its tour, Akhrina and ticketing companies may only force fans to use tickets at a later time.

Completely canceling the tour, however, there is no postponement date, so ticket companies and stadiums cannot keep fans ’money in the promise of future concerts.

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Now, everyone can get back and give them back.

“At the same time we are working to reschedule this visit, we read your messages. Messages of job loss, illness, emotional and financial crisis, ”the tool was posted on Instagram.

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“As many music lovers have realized in the last few weeks, no such playbook can be pulled from artists, preachers and places in this unprecedented time. When we play our final show on March 11, 2020 at the Late Center in Portland, we assume that we will be on the road for a while at this wicket. As we worked towards the goal we realized that there was no certainty about the order of this wicket or the rescheduled dates of 2021. State state and local ordinances vary separately and no one can predict when high-powered events will return safely. At the same time we are working to reschedule this tour, we read your messages. Messages of job loss, illness, sensitivity and financial pain. We may continue to suspend or reschedule for some time in 2021, but morally, we do not think this is the right course of action. In our opinion, it is unfair to tie the money of our fans for months, not the whole year. With this in mind, we made a very difficult decision to cancel the tour so that we could help those we support year after year. Please know, we want nothing more than to be back on the streets, playing these songs for you and celebrating our shared recovery. We will do the same if the time is right. In the coming days, you have purchased a ticket with notification of event cancellation and you will receive an email from the ticketing service when your return is expected. “- Tool

A post was shared by the tool (@toolmusic) on June 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

The statement added, “We may continue to postpone or reschedule for some time until 2021, but morally we do not think this is the right course of action.” “In our opinion, even if not for the whole year, Is wrong to keep “

Maynard James Keenan, Danny Kerry, Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor planned to hit the streets again this fall, but they admit that no one says what the world will look like when the time comes.

They promised to hit the road again if the time was right.

“Please know that to get back on the road, we need nothing more than playing these songs for you and celebrating the recovery we shared. We will do the same if the time is right. “

Poison, Motley Crew has promised to return in 2021

On the other hand, Poison, Motley Crew and Def Leopard chose to postpone their show.

Fans with tickets for the 2020 stadium tour have been postponed to 2020, and bands will be able to use the tickets again in 2021.

After John Jett and Blackhearts publicly stated that they did not feel the trip was safe this year, Posey and the Motley crew initially said the show would run.

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