“To be invited to the English premiere,” says TV scholar Andy Gray, during the renders and Celts, the Scottish Sun

TV pundit Andy Gray thinks the Guard and Celts should be told to go south to help the English prime minister continue the game after the coronary crisis.

The former Rangers striker believes the global epidemic could wreak havoc on the Scottish game as he watches two Glasgow giants play somewhere.


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At one point, even the English Prime Minister could face tough conversations with the broadcasters as it tried to restart matches – perhaps behind closed doors for the foreseeable future.

And Gray thinks that everyone in the English top division could be a catalyst for opening the doors of the Old Company.

He told Bin Sport: “Rangers and Celtics have to play competitive football and if they don’t get competitive football or not enough people or enough competition in Scotland, they have to look elsewhere.

“And where is the best place for Rangers and Celtics to play?

Celtic will become the party’s “champion” at the summit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today.

“In my opinion, it was always the only thing that the Premier League could add something so successful, perhaps to make me even better, to have two very strong sides and a Celtic side.”

Gray’s co-host Richard Key explained that the rules needed to be changed for the two Glasgow giants to enter, but said they had the right idea for the Rankers when considering launching a team in the English Lower Leagues in 2012.

Keys said: “It’s, I remind you, the Premier League of England and Wales, so it will require states to change, but it doesn’t happen in the football league. So they can be connected directly.

“Charles Green didn’t do much for the Rangers, but when you were rebuilding four leagues I thought he was right.

Play in the South and National Leagues and from there work your way through the pyramids. “

Gray believes the Celtics would have followed the Rangers south of the border if that had happened.

He said: “Who would have been if Rangers and Celtic had happened, where would they be now.

“If the Rangers had left then it was inevitable that the Celtics would not have tried to join them.”

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