Tina Lewis, the latest ‘Gilligan Island’ star in Don Wells’ death

Don Wells was as sunny and down-to-earth as the real-life Mary Ann Summers of “Giligan Island” was on-screen, her co-star Tina Lewis, the show’s only surviving cast member, said in a post on Wednesday.

Lewis Wells, who starred in the indescribable flame-haired Ginger Grant on the CBS show, died Wednesday in Los Angeles at the age of 2 after a fight in Covid-19.

“I’m so sorry,” said Louis, who has been refusing to appear in the recovery and re-boots or discuss the show for decades since it ended in 1967.

“Bhor was a very nice man. I want people to remember him as someone who always has a smile on his face, ”said Lewis, who lives on the East Side of Manhattan. “Nothing is more important than family and that was family. He will always be remembered. ”

Lewis, the eternal beauty who told The Post not to mention her age, was shocked to hear of her friend’s death when she received a phone call from a friend in Hollywood. “No one especially wants to get this kind of news with this kind of horrible disease,” she said, adding that the health-conscious actress is taking her role to strengthen herself. “I’m doing my workout today and having a vegetarian lunch,” he quipped, “Now everything’s complicated.”

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Favorite show, which lasted three seasons from 1964 to 1967 and followed the wreckage of an unfamiliar ship stranded on an island – especially during the lockdown, when the new generation discovered its fascinating attractions.

“We were part of a great show that everyone loves and was a great source of comfort, especially at this time,” Louis said.

Although he refused to appear in the 1988 TV movie “Rescue from Giligan Island”, 2001’s “Surviving Giligan Island” and various other stimuli, he made long-standing rumors that he did not agree with the role and the show.

“Never true – I loved my part, especially when they really started writing for my character, originally billed as a” Marilyn Monroe “character,” Louis told The Post. “Another director took over and really started writing for my character,” he added, admitting he originally thought about leaving. “I really liked my character.”

He also left out any comparisons between his favorite girl-next door, Mary Ann, and her low-barrier movie star roommate Ginger. “Every person has a character. Everyone can identify with a different person, “he said, referring to the close kinship of the non-stop cast.” We’ve always been a family. He had a lot of fans. “

He recalled his fondest memory when he said “Don was great on his part,” and even had special moments with his late co-star when he was invited to the Wales home circus in 196666.

Ginger (Tina Lewis), Mary Ann (Don Wells) and Mrs. Howell (Natalie Schaefer) Batman Archive

“I just got married and it was Thanksgiving iving I didn’t know how to cook specifically. He invited me to his house with his mother, “said Louis, who learned how to make a potato safflower recipe that became a holiday tradition.” It’s something I do every year at Thanksgiving, “he said.” I’ve never forgotten that. “

Lewis, who starred in “The Stepford Women,” “The Love Boat,” and “Dallas,” said he was grateful for the flow of “Giligan Island” fans over the past few months. “We have brought a lot of joy to people and still do. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. “” Fathers now share it with their children. I’ve always received letters. “

Tina Lewis

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Tina Lewis in about 1950.

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Don Wells and Tina Lewis

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Alan Haley Jr., Tina Lewis and Bob Denver

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Tina Lewis around 1963

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Tina Lewis

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“Giligan Island” stars Russell Johnson, Don Wells, Bob Denver, Tina Lewis, Jim Becks, Natalie Schaefer and Alan Haley, Jr.

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Cast of “Giligan Island”: Jim Backas, Russell Johnson, Natalie Schaefer, Bob Denver, Tina Lewis, Alan Haley, Jr. and Don Wells

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Wells, who starred in popular shows including “Bananza” and “Maverick”, has always been uniquely associated with his loving “Giligan Island” character, Louis said. “He should always be remembered with a smile on his face – he was a happy person and shared his joy with everyone.”

Although it took some time for the two to talk, Louis said Wells had drawn to his heart and fans still wrote to let him know they bought the series box set for their kids.

“The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. We will remember him with a smile. ‘


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