Tim Schaefer comments on the banjo-cashew reboot rumor

Speaking of studios and exclusive titles, Microsoft has been on fire lately. Not only are the company’s own first-party studios well-established, they have also launched a brand new company called The Initiative. Similarly, Microsoft went out to buy Genimax Media which comes with several studios and IPs. Bethesda is one of the largest of those groups. However, lately, it seems that Microsoft is working on IP titles from the past

Although we can see what has already been revealed under Microsoft’s Xbox umbrella, there is a lot of speculation about what will happen. For example, rumors were circulating online that the secret project The Initiative was working on. We certainly know that this project is a reboot of Perfect Dark. The announcement comes from the Game Awards 2020, but now more rumors are circulating online about what Double Fine Productions is doing outside of Syconuts 2.

The Double Fine Productions team was founded after Schaefer left LucasArts. Fans of Double Fine Productions had an immediate interest in following the following for his adventure games. However, now with the company under Microsoft’s Xbox umbrella, the team is able to provide video game titles without having to look for publishers to help fund these projects. Currently, as mentioned earlier, Double Fine Productions is working on a sequel to Syconotes, a title back in the 200 titles.

However, fans are suggesting that the studio is also working to reboot a classic Nintendo 64 platform. Nintendo 4 had some of the most notable video game titles, and for fans of the platforming style, you had the banjo-kazui franchise. Nintendo On4 had only two mainline installments before discovering a break in this game.

A number of spin-off mobile titles were introduced in the early 2000s, but until 2008 the series with Banjo-Casue: Almonds and Bolts did not receive any major new installments. This title was not great, it lacked a lot of fame and platforming for the series. Since then, we haven’t seen any Banjo-Casui game releases. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping that Double Find Productions is working on a reboot or a new installment, you’re out of luck.

There is a tendency to remake and reboot, like the spam or crash bandicoot choice, but Tim Schaefer confirmed in an IGN podcast that he is not making any improvements to the IP. Only time will tell whether more work is being done on this national project, but for now, it looks like Bonzo-Kazui fans will have to wait and see if Microsoft is picking up this IP again.

Source: Gemerant, IGN

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