Tilla Million batteries can compete with ICE cars with competitive Ivy costs

People have changed the way they think about Tesla electric vehicles and recently they have introduced a new battery that is attractive in EVs with its internal combustion engine models.

According to Reuters, the new “low-life long battery” will be installed on the Chinese Model 3S model later this year or next year. The battery is made with Chinese CATL and can last one million miles (1,609,344 kilometers).

Although the battery will be launched in China, the report said, we can expect higher power, higher storage capacity and an improved version at a lower cost. It is said that these batteries are in the truck segment and will be available in many markets, including North America.

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Very little is known about batteries but they are known to have low or chemical-free chemicals as well as special additives, materials and covers to maintain longevity. Reuters says Robin needs to be restricted or removed “as the most expensive metal in EV batteries”. This will help reduce costs and it seems that the new batteries will also use lightweight and expensive packaging.

Battle Day Preparation is expected to release details about the battery later this month. We can learn more about the company’s plans for automatic battery plants that are much higher than their current height.

Their publication says that their purpose is to reach the level of the power company and not just focus on the battery. While this may seem a bit strange on the ground, there are more than a million Tesla cars on the road and it saves a lot of electricity. With a charger, these vehicles can successfully transmit Tesla to a power company by sending electricity to the power grid.

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