/Thousands of Victorian parliamentarians were expected to hold ‘Attack Day’ rallies

Thousands of Victorian parliamentarians were expected to hold ‘Attack Day’ rallies

A Melbourne “Attack Day” rally is set to draw thousands, despite the city’s annual Australia Day parade-19 being canceled due to concerns.

Victor’s parade was canceled in December, and rallies were not allowed under Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions.

But a number of events, including Victorian Nadok-led Mourning Dawn Service Day and “Attack Day” March on CVD on Tuesday, will go ahead with CVD-safe plans.

Thousands of people are expected to gather at the steps of the Victoria Parliament from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Organizers, fighters of Indigenous Resistance (WAR) are demanding the cancellation of Victoria Australia Day and its ongoing celebrations.

“There is nothing to celebrate on Australia Day,” Warr said in a statement Monday.

“Indigenous communities continue to be oppressed, polished, discriminated against and deprived.

“Australian nationalism – a project strong in Howard’s years, which was still pursued by governments – is nothing more than white domination, ignorance and racism.”

More than 3,000 people have indicated on social media to attend the event and they have been asked to organize in groups of 100 and stay 10 meters away, wear masks and bring hand sanitizers.

Ward said marshals would patrol to ensure protesters obeyed Kavid-safe protocols.

Victoria’s Minister Melissa Horn said she realized January 2 was a difficult day for the first nations and urged protesters to protest safely.

“There will be an increase in police presence on the streets, but don’t blow away the freedom we have here and now,” he said Monday.

The Department of Health echoed Ms Haron’s advice, telling Victorians to stay “smart” on Australia Day and not to disappoint their watchdog.

Later, anti-lockdown protesters vowed to march on Australia Day after repeatedly refraining from health advice last year.

The group plans to meet at Queen Victoria Gardens and travel from the park’s pavilion to Katani Gardens near St. Kilda’s Beach.

The “People’s Australia Day Parade” will end with a “beach party” to celebrate what is great.

Victoria Police said it was aware of several planned protests at the CBD and issued strict warnings to problem solvers.

“Anyone who wants to attend an event to read a problem can expect a strong response from the police; If you commit any crime, you will be arrested and held accountable, ”it said in a statement to the AAP.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews will attend the official flag-raising ceremony at Melbourne Town Hall on Tuesday morning.

She will be joined by Victorian Governor Linda Dessau, who will later host a citizenship ceremony at the Government House for 50 contestants from countries including Iraq, Fiji, Hungary, Vietnam, Pakistan and Colombia.