/This week’s top stories: New MacBook Air rumors, Apple’s plans for a VR headset and more

This week’s top stories: New MacBook Air rumors, Apple’s plans for a VR headset and more

At the top of this week Stories: IOS 14.4 continues beta testing, rumors of a “high-end” MacBook Air have surfaced, Apple VR headset is coming in 2022 and much more. Read on for this week’s Top Apple Stories.

Apple Watch Challenge

Apple’s next Apple Watch Activity Challenge has been officially set. For the first time, the “Ity Kay Challenge” will be held from February 1 to 28, and it encourages Apple Watch users to celebrate Black History Month by closing their move ring for seven days in a row.

As such, Apple has added a new “Unk” watch face to the Apple Watch. The new watch face is currently available to beta testers as part of WatchOS 7.3 and will be unveiled to everyone soon.

Apple VR headset

Bloomberg reported this week that Apple’s first headset will essentially be a VR device, with the AR having limited capabilities. This headset is the forerunner of an ambitious advanced reality product, known as the niche that will take even longer to develop.

As with most virtual reality devices, it will display a total 3D digital environment for gaming, video watching and communication. With premium features and performance, Apple’s first headset will be much more expensive than its competitors, with prices ranging from around 300 300 to 900 900.

Apple plans to launch the product by 2022, but development delays have so far plagued the work on the headset, and further delays are out of the question.

Airpods are the highest

The AirPods Max debuted in December as a sign of Apple’s premium entry into the over-the-ear headphone industry. The AirPods Max, which was finally released, was different from the rumors and was less customizable in the end.

The expectation was that Apple would allow users to customize their headphones with a modular design. For example, you can attach a mesh headband for practice, then switch to leather elements for a comfortable design attached to the interior of the house.

9to5Mac has discovered that iOS devices can see “headband type” AirPods using the maximum key. This can be used to make the UI display the maximum of AirPods. For example, iOS 14 will be able to tell if you are using fake headbands with your AirPods Pro or if you are using leather headbands and displaying accurate graphics.

IFixit also found that the AirPods Max headband can be easily removed with a paper clip.

In the end, although Apple has not recognized it or introduced any alternative headbands, they may come in the future. It could also be that Apple has officially abandoned plans to completely replace headbands as an alternative, and the remnants of the initial concept remain.

The new MacBook Air

Finally, Apple is reportedly preparing a “higher end” for the MacBook Air. The machine will be thinner and lighter than the current MacBook Air and will be housed in the next-generation Apple Silicon.

In terms of design, Apple is reported to be shrinking bezels around the screen to make it even smaller, even after retaining 13-inch screen real estate.

Also important to note is that this new MacBook Air could be a high-end alternative to the existing entry-level MacBook Air. So it basically looks like we will have a MacBook Air and a MacBook Air Pro. The new model will be launched in the second half of this year or in 2022.

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