/This is a scene cast Channel 4 Russell T. Davis drama list of characters

This is a scene cast Channel 4 Russell T. Davis drama list of characters

Russell T. Davis (The Man as a Choir) has written a new five-part drama series about the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, starring Kelly House, pop singer Oli Alexander, and Neil Patrick Harris.

This is a scene focused on three gay men who all move to London full of hope and ambition, unknowingly “going straight to a plague that most of the world ignores”.

Read all you need to know about the cast and customers of this scene.

Oli plays the role of Alexander Richie Tozer

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Richie Tozar? With the grief of the Isle of Wight, Ritchie is a young gay man who moved to London to begin his law degree in the first episode. He is funny, stupid and inexperienced at first. Back home his parents are conservative with a small ‘C’, and he hasn’t come to them yet.

Where did I see Oli Alexander before? He is known as the lead singer and frontman of the band Years and Years (coincidentally Russell T. Davis had the same name in the BBC One drama). Alexander has also acted as Bright Star and Funny Bunny.

Omari Douglas Rosco starred in Babatunde

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Roscoe Babatunde? A 16-year-old man whose Nigerian family effectively rejected him (when he did it in spectacular style), Roscoe is a bitch and brave and wants to become very rich in later life.

Where did I see Omari Douglas before? This is the first on-screen role of Omari Douglas.

Colin Scott Howells is played by Colin Morris-Jones

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Colin Morris-Jones? Nicknamed “Gladys Puh” (a Welsh actress known for hi-de-hi), Colin is a sweet young man from Wales and moved to London hoping to become a tailor in Seville. It was here that he met his mentor Henry, who helped him agree with his own sexual orientation.

Where did I see the pen before Scott Howells? This is the first major introduction of newcomers on-screen

Lydia West is starring Jill Baxter

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Jill Boxer? Based on an “inspiring” real-life person, Jill is an enchanted drama student who meets both Richie and Ash at the University of London and becomes best friends with the former. He also helped Richie understand that he could be more suitable for a drama course.

Where did I see Lydia West before? Known for his roles in West Dracula (as Lucy) and on BBC One’s Years and Years.

Nathaniel Curtis plays Ash Mukherjee

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Ash Mukherjee? A dream boat, the underlying drama student with whom Richie spots when he rehearses with Jill.

Where have I seen Nathaniel Curtis before? Newcomer It’s Cine made its on-screen debut.

Kelly House has played the role of Valerie

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Valerie? Richie’s true mother who lives on the Isle of Wight and who is sometimes frustrated by her aggressive husband Clive.

Where did I see Kelly House before? The actress is known for Line of Duty, Bodyguard, Ashes to Ashes, The Durables, Summer Rockets, Year of the Rabbit and most recently the true crime drama Honor.

Shawn plays Dolly Clive

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Clive? Richie’s brush father, who is unaware of his son’s sexual orientation.

Where have I seen Shawn Dolly before? She is best known for The Woman in Black, The Waking, Official Secrets, Eden Lake, The Witcher and the BBC period drama Gentleman Jack.

Neil Patrick plays Harris Henry Coltrane

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Henry Coltrane? An outspoken British tailor who lives with her gay partner – a lifestyle that is an open secret on her street.

Where have I seen the blue Patrick Harris before? He is best known for playing Barney with his mother in the long-running comedy Sitcom How I Met Your Mother. She likes Gone Girl, Joy, a series of unfortunate events (TV version), and American Horror Story.

Stephen Fry plays MP Arthur Garrison

Who is Arthur Garrison? A politician desperate to influence Margaret Thatcher – and kept her private life a secret.

Where have I seen Stephen Fry before? The actor, comedian, and TV presenter is known for his choices of QI (which he previously hosted), Gosford Park, Wild, V for Vendor, Sex Education, Jeeves and Wester, and Blackader Froth.

Tracy’s Ann O’Brien is played by Carol Carter

It is a sin Channel 4

Who is Carol Carter? Acting agent Carol first appeared in the first episode, where she interviewed Richie.

Where did I see Tracy Ann O’Brien before? The actress is known for starring in EastEnders, Philith, Dr. Hu, Life, Friday Night Dinner and Granchester (as Sister Grace).

This is a scene that will be aired on Channel 4 on January 2221. Looking for something else to watch? Watch our TV guide.