This ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle is going viral and the answer is harder than you think

The ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle is one of the more deadly hard puzzles that has gone viral in recent times. Peak Credit: @alskim/

There’s one more puzzle on the internet right now, and the ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle could still be the hardest.

Riddle two pennies on the internet nowadays with a lot of people looking for lockdown and something to do. And if there’s any indication of that, they’re starting to get tougher.

Most puzzles try to confuse us with clever wordplay or misleading numbers or an optical illusion.

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However, the ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle tried to confuse us by associating clever wordplay with misleading numbers. Demon!

What is the ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle?

The puzzle is as follows:

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“I had $ 2.00. My dad gave me $ 10.00 while my dad gave me 30 30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me 100.00. I had another 5.00. How much did I have? ”

Already confused? Me too. Remember that all puzzles lead the wrong way, so try to guess where they are throwing you, determining what should be ignored is often the key to solving many puzzles.

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A big mistake that many people think is a math question. It is not, so avoid the temptation to calculate all the statistics.

If you already have an answer, well done. Read on to see if this is correct.

What was the answer to the ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle?

Answer 7 7.

Still confused? The key is to focus on the last question. “How much did I have?” And the keyword in this question is “done”.

The question is past tense; Therefore, it is asking how much money the person had before receiving the extra amount from their family members.

The owner of our money said, “I had ড 2,” followed by “I had five more dollars.” The amount of money they “had” before getting all the other information is irrelevant.

All the things about their parents and aunts and uncles are just wrong instructions.

Now that you’re ready for the answer, try the ‘I had ড 2’ puzzle on your family and friends.

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