‘This church means a lot:’ Two years after the fire, Milwaukee began the process of restoring the church

Milwaukee – Two years ago, on May 15, Milwaukee Church caught fire.

At the corner of the Ninth and Highlands, the basement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church – which had stood since 1878 – was destroyed in 2018 within hours.

There is a fire at the end of the building. According to the charges for contractors and insurers, it was filed with a towel used on the stone. It was also a stormy day – which did not help the war.

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church

Within 24 hours, only bones survived for more than 100 years.

Tom Mann

Tom Mann said, “It was amazing to remember how big the building is

Coordinator of the Standard Trinity Recovery Project. In short, they oversee a িয়ন 24 million effort to restore the church. Such efforts have made great progress.

Fox6 News had the opportunity to enter Trinity and its warm lake in the summer of 2019. The beams lit by the empty windows were a clear reminder of what it was.

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church

Nowadays, with so many crises in the country, progress in the Milwaukee corner is minimal. As the renovation progresses, Mann says the site is now “100% water-free.”

Doug Peters

This means that the focus on restoration can now be changed to restore the interior of the exterior stone and prepare the beautiful work – an interesting part of Trinity’s pastor Doug Peters.

Petros said, “This church means not only Milwaukee, but also the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.”

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church

Construction was not directly affected by COVID-19. Mann said the biggest hurdle is getting things done in a timely manner to move the project forward. But according to the timeline there are no barriers, otherwise.

“It was a challenge to serve our people when we were together,” Petros said.

Like many others, Pastor Peter is leaning towards the world to bring relief to his fathers with the expectation that one day he will be 9th again and live under a roof near Highland.

The goal is to restore the Trinity by the end of 2021, but in the meantime he is working on a temporary project for the cathedral. It could be ready later this year.

Evangelical Lutheran Orthodox Church



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