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In the next episode of My 600 Pound Life: Where Are They Now? We have the opportunity to interact with Charity and Charlie, a mother and daughter couple working on the program, because both women need to lose weight and get their lives back on track.

Charity and Charlie are spending four years on the path to weight loss and healthy living. And while Caritas has had some success, it can still work.

As Charlie, he is finally ready to get involved, but he fears that his mother’s self-destructive behavior will derail him and hinder him from achieving his goals.

Charlie has been caring for charity since childhood

Charlie grew up caring for his mother and even explained that from the age of nine he was a charitable caregiver.

Now that he’s ready to lose weight, Charlie says the charity is still doing everything he needs to be acting.

The bottom line is that Caritas is now mobile, and that means it can take care of itself. Charlie wants his mother to even go out, win his own life and be driven by his own adventures.

Unfortunately, Caritas is still leaning on his daughter Charlie and is afraid that Caritus is afraid to let Charlie go alone.

To make matters worse, Charlie reveals that Caritas has started drinking. She is afraid to talk to her mother about these fears because it always leads to fights which make the situation worse.

Charlie is ready to come out of his own

Charlie is 22 years old and like many young adults he also tries his best. She wants to find her place, get a job and go to school.

He also knows that if he takes care of his mother’s charity, he risks returning his mother to the old ways.

Charlie says his mother is self-destructive and it becomes more difficult for Charlie to get stuck in the program and keep up with his progress when he starts to slip.

He said charities sometimes sabotage it and cause it to fail.

For Charlie to take care of his own life, he has to move and gain some freedom, but will the charity leave him?

See my 600-lb life: Where are they now? Slip the look above and tune in to see how this episode plays out.

Charlie is ready to put his life together, but his mother leaves him behind. Credit Peak: TLC

My life is 600 pounds: where are they now? Broadcast on Wednesday 8 / 7c TLC.

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