These pool toys keep you entertained all summer

You won’t catch me at the public pool or beach this summer. But if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, I’m betting that you plan to spend as much time as possible this summer. The pool is a great place to entertain kids or even yourself. But with less BBQ and coming up with friends, it can be a bit dull afterwards. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun pool accessories to buy so that pool time never ends.

For flats

JOYIN Inflatable Pool Floats

Floats are the backbone of pool accessories. You never think you want one until you come across one. These fruit tubes are great, easy to inflate and will add a splash to your pool decor this summer.

For pool noodles

What can’t you do with pool noodles? This is certainly great for floating, but what about as light saber? You can also use these as water guns, but for now I have done it to give you an idea.


Join 24 piece pool toy set

This diving set includes seven diving rings, four sticks, four torpedo pool toys and nine pirate treasures. Rings and sticks stand at the bottom of the pool, making them easy to grab and they are not only fun, they help with diving.

For goggles

You will need some goggles for all these diving. These goggles fit for anyone and will help you see underwater without damaging your eyes. These are triathlon ready so you can get training or great for your small pool.

For card sharks

I knew you could play card pool, but I never realized you could jump in and play any game without ruining your deck. This Uno deck has a waterproof, clean card, and a clip-on clip so none of your cards can float.

For baseball

I think the floating hoop is a bit more fun than the wrinkles you can set up on the side. You can get two, the goal is always running and easy to get right. What is not liked at the end of the day?

For volleyball

This inflatable net and ball will turn your pool into a volleyball court for which you have no place. The sides have a small amount of touch so that the net is stable and there is a repair patch in case of any leakage.

For your dolls

Your dog deserves to have fun in the pool too. Get them this floating device. You still need to keep an eye on them, but really, all eyes will be on them anyway, as it comes with an adorable shark fin.

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