There will be three separate versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft has a large fan base for flight simulator games. Both pilots enjoy flying enthusiastic pilot sitting in the seat and navigating the trip safely to their intended destination. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Microsoft Flight Simulator hit the marketplace in a new installment, but that will change soon. We are preparing for the August release of Microsoft Flight Simulator which was developed by Esobo.

It is said that this new installment is extremely detailed and contains a wealth of airports that were carefully crafted by hand. It also uses maps and terrain that will mimic the real thing, meaning you can theoretically navigate through the sky using real symbols to help guide you in the right direction. Of course, this should make some players already quite interested in the title, but those who want the full experience may find that they have to spend a bit more money for the premium version of the game.

It turns out that Asoba will have three different versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the base game is intact, the main differences are the amount of aircraft you will have access to and the detailed airports that you will be able to see in the world. The standard version will still have some detailed airports and additional aircraft Will be limited to detailed airports.

That said, for the $ 89.99 deluxe version the number goes to 25 extra planes and 35 detailed airports. By the end, those who bought the premium deluxe version for 119.99, you will see that the game will include 30 additional planes and 40 detailed airports. It may cost a bit more than the standard version, but those who want the whole experience can spend extra extra money.

Source: IGN

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