There will be new places, machines, tribes and much more on the horizon forbidden west!

The official PlayStation has released a new developer video from the YouTube channel that gives players a little more insight into the Horizon Prohibited West. Following the success of Guerrilla Games with Horizon Zero Dawn, it was no surprise to see that a new installment would come out for the next generation PlayStation 5 console. PlayStation 5 Live Stream Dedicated to the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the upcoming video game titles, at the time we looked for Horizon Forbidden West, a brand new entry in the franchise that once again follows Alok through a new adventure.

The details for the video game title were a bit short but a new developer video showcase presented by game director Mathews de Jongo, we now know a little more about what we can expect for the upcoming installment.

According to Mathews de Janzo, the PlayStation 5 hardware will really help change things for players. For example, this new powerhouse on a machine will give fans a game in a more detailed, vibrant and immersive world, with virtually no loading screen. Everything from traveling the world on a quick trip will be instantaneous, allowing players to continue the game without the hassle of waiting. The game itself, it is a new adventure to make Alok interesting as it embarks on a journey westward from Utah to the Pacific West.

Along the way, players will discover a new larger world with iconic landmarks, new machines and even tribes. It is said that this tribe had an enemy and had the ability to override machines to make them effective in battle. When Aloe goes head-to-head in the fight against these new animals and tribes, it further suggests that there could be an even greater threat that harms not only machines, but also wildlife and mankind.

A virus has spread to land as well as to wildlife and crop damage. Moreover, lots of superstorms are spreading around this land which is threatening everything. Aloe is up for the challenge enough and for that you can get up with it on PlayStation 5 at some point in 2021, for now, you can take a look at the developer video shown above.

Source: YouTube

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