/There she is in the ‘unusual’ script Jessica Haynes Big interview

There she is in the ‘unusual’ script Jessica Haynes Big interview

It’s probably no surprise that great actors like Jessica Haynes have spent the lockdown as equally advanced, even though it’s not in front of the camera. “I’m gardening, I’m cooking, and I’ve volunteered to do something for a local community group here in Folkestone,” he said by phone from his home on the Kent coast. “We have an elderly population here and a lot of people who couldn’t get around and they have no way out. We get their purchases and accept their prescriptions. My son is back from Uni, so my family is here. There is a lot of cooking. And wash. My current commemorative title is I won laundry and laundry. “

Heis was appearing at Far Away in London’s Donmar warehouse at Lindown – “I got my things from my dressing room, bought some donuts for the front of the house and took my daughter and niece to Ivy for one last cheese and marmite permanganate,” he recalls. It came back to theaters after making a tremendous impact on TV, watching Russell T. Davis ‘Edith Lyons in her years and years, and there Shey Goyes’ Emily Yates drama, the BBC drama where she starred – as well as David Tennant – as a mother. Disabled daughter, a role for which she won Bafta.

First aired in 2018, there he deserves it so much for the second series of Goes, showing the ability of the TV show to balance it with disability and even helping to balance recent dramas like Year and Year and The Word. Written by Shawn Pie and Sarah Crawford (see Overlife) and based on their own experience with the parents of their daughter Joey, who has a rare chromosomal disorder, she is once ridiculous and redeemed, ruthlessly honest and warmly portrayed in her chaos of family life and parenting. Specific challenges are played great by Miley Locke.

Hines had no qualms about taking on this role. “Everything about the project stood out. It was just unique. It was such an unusual script and it felt like any work I did, “said the 47-year-old.” Whenever I play a role, in the beginning I always look for the skeleton in the closet and what is really going on with such a character. Is the author reaching for something else? With Emily, at first I thought there was a parental pressure or strain that was present but couldn’t let go, but I met Sarah and realized that there wasn’t much of Emily based on that. And much of Simon (played by Tenant) is based on Shawn, and Sarah is a very high-performance, happy, well-coordinated, beautiful, loving woman, and Mom is just going through it. , I knew how to move forward with this (part). “

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Emily and Simon find themselves ridiculously in the challenging situation that has been praised by parents of show-disabled children. “Shawn and Sara inspired a learning-disability child with a unique parental experience, but being faithful to their own experience, they captured the perfect truth of all the parental experience,” says Hynes. “When it was published, they were overwhelmed by the response, which is amazing and It moves a lot. “

In addition to dealing with difficult issues such as frustration and bad quality, in series two, Rosie starts a new school and shows her commitment to independence, which evokes Emily’s mixed feelings. Hynes explains: “When Emily has a teacher at school who seems to be doing much better than communicating with Rosie, it’s a challenge’s” she kind of comes out of her nose joint. “

One of the many honest things she gets there is that she doesn’t shy away from depicting how Emily accepts the shaking of parenting – a theme that many lock-down moms must relate to, I suggest, countless days. After making breakfast, lunch and dinner for their family. Hein Gaffao. “I wrote a letter recently, ‘Dear children, it is difficult to know exactly how to ask you about this, but if you understand, you can wash your plate or clean your house … …’ Of course getting better. “

I wonder what she thinks about the recent reports that lockdown has left women many years behind, as surveys suggest they are more likely to shoulder the extra burden of child-care and home schooling. “I did not read it, to be honest. I’m getting information on how to build a home. The biggest problem that people are facing is a very bad relationship. There are many groups that are knowingly trying to help and it is gratifying to know that there are people out there.

“While our local volunteer team was answering people’s call for help, I knew there were women who were really fighting … you could tell because they would turn brown on top.”

Jessica Haynes is there with her on-screen family in Season 2 Go Go (BBC)

Excuse me?

“And don’t open the door too much.”

Anyone… baking?

“Sorry,” says Hayes, “my son has taken over because I had to make this call.” I am very ashamed. She’s baking scones. God, I like hate. “

I asked him to name the worst lockdown lunch I had given him, suggesting that I have microwaved spaghetti hoops in it, a piece of pickled garkin.

“There’s been some really weird combo,” he admits. “I once tried to make a deep fried fish ball. We will not repeat that. We decided it was a bit like Japanese street food. That was the spin. Obviously if my kids were still eating (eating) fish fingers, it would make things a lot easier, but I would be grateful that they would be happy to try my Japanese style fish balls and be kind about that. “

Hein’s son, Gabriel, is 21 years old; His daughters are 1st and 14th BB and Freda respectively. She shared these with her husband, Adam, whom she met in 18 and married in 2002 when she was about 30 years old. She changed her first name from Stevenson to her married name in 2007 – perhaps an unusual decision for an actress, but Heine’s position after 30 years in the profession (she was a member of the 14-year-old National Youth Theater, debuted on stage in 1990 and 1999 Simultaneously with Simon Pegg, who wrote and starred in the cult comedy Space) that “brand awareness” probably didn’t need to come into it.

Which clearly brings us to Sivan Sharp, the character he played on Island XII, a joke about the preparation of the fictional Olympic distribution commission for the 2012 Olympics (he reclaimed the role of W1A in the equally ridiculous sequel, for which he also won BAFTA). Haynes has starred in all of the great comedians throughout his career – the ever-fat Sheryl in The Royal family; Bridget Jones Magda: The Edge of Argument; Space in Daisy – Siovan is arguably funny, a vicious and affectionate character who is a product of her time.

“When I was younger, I always had a hard time making people feel comfortable,” he said of the inspiration behind Siovan. “If someone was flawed and composing, I would always redouble my efforts – practically get into singing and dancing – if they weren’t interested, there was something to loosen. How does one become like that, and have that confidence? The resort seemed to be of good quality for this character. Her impeccable confidence was so much fun to play because it’s not really how I am. Playing Siovan was almost a release, the arrival of the era.

Jessica Haynes won the BAFTA in 2019 for her role as She She Gayes (GETTY).

Any year and year fans will prove that Hynes is equally talented at playing serious roles, bringing depth of character to each part. She has described the actor over the years and years as “a beautiful family”. All the actors were so good, and Russell (T. Davis) was so brilliant. He is a fan of humanity and that means everything. My kids were so proud that I did it of not seeing everything inside me and not connecting with what I was doing but they liked it. “

While some actresses lament the quality of their acting roles, Haynes admits that she’s been very lucky “I had some great shots. I think there was a time in my 30s when I had a small child and became a little uncertain. I wanted to create my own things, but it seemed like a challenge. With small kids, it was hard to do. I wasn’t sure what would happen. Perhaps when I moved out of London (he moved out of Folkestone in 2013) I was more (financially) able to wait for something like, ‘Wow, yes!’ So I tried to try as much as possible. “

In 2019 (“It was a good year. One of the best”) he starred in a film called Fight, which he wrote and directed. He admits, “The instruction felt like an unattainable dream, and then when it happened, it was like,‘ Wow! I’m doing it! ’And it was on such a jolt, but I didn’t care. So now if I don’t make sconces or do laundry, I’ll probably write a script. It’s better to keep dreaming. “

We talk about the post-virus challenges facing the arts (no awards show! No sex scenes!) And what the industry can do to adapt. “It won’t be forever,” he says of the rules of social-distance. “Like everyone else, we have to adapt to the new world. Big-budget productions probably have a lot of money to test everyone. “

Talking about the exams – when he once asked someone who would invite him to his dream dinner party: “Conservative party, so I can poison them” – what does he mean by government management? The situation? He sighed at a man who wanted to say a lot but refrained. “Well done. I think what I mean is that some of the people who volunteered in the beginning are amazing, and we live in a country where people give of their time. Believes in empathy and compassion. Thank the Lord for that. Thank God for each other. “

There he goes – all you need to know

  • There he goes with David Tennant to star Jessica Hennes and it follows the life of a family that takes care of their nine-year-olds studying seriously.
  • There he cast: Miley Locke plays nine-year-old Rossi, Jessica Hennis as Emily, David Tennant as Simon, and Aidan Hearst as Ben.
  • See how he got there: The BBC comedy drama is currently airing on the BBC at 9.30pm on Thursday.

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