There is no hold in Thunderdome

This is an unusual occurrence but we got our second WWE PPV in a week. This time, we got our payback in a nutshell, Non Holds Bard in Thunderdome with

As such, we got a match we never saw coming. A triple threat to the universal championship, a fighter with the newly-appointed Paul Heyman Guy-Roman monarchy.

Brown Strowman and current champion The Find Bray Wyatt should also be named payback in that match.

And what is that revenge? Will they appear again?

Of course there are other similarities in this quick turnaround of an event.

We saved Bele and Sasha Banks in their women’s tag team championship. They fight a potential pairing of Shayna Baszlar and Nia Jax.

We also got a U.S. title match as Apollo defended against Bobby Lashley.

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These are the biggest matches to watch, but what if you want to catch an untitled match? How about Keith Lee and Randy Orton?

Lots to like about Payback, which is why we got it in this brief.

This is not going to be a ban on Thunderdom for paidback!

Open the overview of it!

Best Match of the Night:

Two choices, both tags match.

On the one hand I enjoyed the women’s tag team championship match. It was certainly an odd pair, but we’ve seen plenty in the WWE.

The match had some good action and some memorable moments.

And then there were the Mysterios opposite Seth Rollins and Murphy. I call it a good one.

I didn’t expect much of it (like I ignored it a bit), but it’s easy to find on the show, but it’s not one of the best.

Worst match of the night:

Apollo felt somewhat anticlimactic after losing to Bobby Lashley. Or perhaps, delayed?

The two of them may be a bit… but I feel the least of all the matches tonight.

Night star

It’s tough … but I think it’s a Dominic and Ray

Night spot:

Of course, some may occupy a place bigger than the main event, but I don’t.

Night spot for me?

I will accept the dual submission, Shaina Basler will be together with Hale Belle and Sasha Bank will both be together.

Like, maybe it happened before but nothing has come to me yet. Especially not in any women’s match to win.

Also, I liked the comment from Grave about how hard it is to ignore the basseller right now. Instead of one that starts incessantly and stops, will he finally get the whole push?

Night excitement:

Well, about the commentary, they said that Matt Riddle was upset at the beating of King Corbin. Sure I bought it, but I have it.

Moments of Holy Night **:

It took the WWE a few years but they finally rebuilt the whole broken ring spot.

Who did better. #MarkHenry and #BigSow or #TheFiend and #BraunStrowman #Payback #WWEPayback #WWE Comment below and retweet

– Closed Fist (@ClosedFist) August 31, 2020

Really … it wouldn’t make me wow this time. Just wasn’t “fresh”.

Night bunch:

I forgot his name, but one is interviewing Matt Riddle in the evening? He asked her to join the main roster.


Very sure that the whole “main roster” of the WWE type and the feeder brand mentality has waned. It doesn’t exist yet … but I think Vince is the main roster. People seem to frown.

And no one is exactly right in a PPV.

Notable moments:

So Roman Raines never signed the contract on Friday and he never signed about five minutes before becoming the Universal Champion once again.

It seemed a bit interesting.

You only have to work 2-3 minutes a night when you are singing that Hymanhastel. #WWEPayback

– WWE Creative Humor (@WWECreative_ish) August 31, 2020

Also, Keith Lee’s shorts are empty.

In the end, there is no retribution. Two PPVs in a row where they make no sound, it’s a puzzle.

Overall as follows:

Of course, we had some good matches … but outside of that you can feel what a strangely placed PPV it is on the calendar.

Overall Highlights:

We can’t often say this compared to the WWE, but the two tag matches were the best on the show.

The funny thing is, we don’t have any male tag title defense, which makes us feel weird in PPV. But the tag matches we got were strong.

After the final bell:

A hasty show or an odd show is probably the best way to sum it up. Although we got two redeeming matches.

I think it would have been a good show to take the story of Retribution further but no luck.

Was the rest of the show predictable? I mean, we all know Raines won after the match was announced.

Other title changes also felt like a prediction conclusion. I don’t think it’s good or bad … that’s it.
At the end of it all, there is something to consider about this silver lining …

Roman Empire Champion!

So that.

The Roman Empire (partner with Paul Heyman) is the Universal Champion.

Drew McIntyre’s WWE Champion.

Your Keith Lee and Big E are being created as legitimate threats.

Credit is where it is – WWE is doing really well right now! #WWEPayback

– Mark (WrestlingJobs) August 31, 2020

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