The Young and the Restless Preview: Week of Favorite Favorite Moments

Catherine Chancellor was part of a historic moment with The Young and the Temporary. Peak Credit: CBS

The young and restless preview for the upcoming episodes of the CBS Daytime drama shows that fans are there for the real deal.

CBS has been digging deep to entertain viewers with classic episodes until the new show returns. This is followed by the whole week devoted to fan-favorite moments, including the first episode of the hit soap opera.

Oh yeah, it’s a week dedicated to fans who tune in day after day to see what’s coming down in Genoa City.

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What episodes of Fan-Favorite Moments will air during the week?

The first two 30-minute episodes of Y&R will air on Monday, July 20, showing the mysterious Brad Elliott arriving in town. Also, fans meet the legendary Brooks and Foster family for the first time. The episodes premiered in 1973 at 26 and 27.

On Tuesday, July 21, visitors will recapture a historic moment. Catherine (Jean Cooper) sees the results of her facelift, it was Jenny got a facelift live on television. Cricket (Laurel Bell) starts modeling for Jabot. It first appeared on television and was first aired on March 26, 1984.

On Hump Day, Wednesday, July 22, bride Neil (Christoph St. John) and Drew (Victoria Rouel) celebrate their wedding with family and friends. Michael (Christian LeBlanc) plans revenge in an episode that first aired in March 1993.

On Thursday, July 23, Katy Perry adapted the sensation of the song in her The Young and Unstable debut style. He stole the show in a restless style. The episode premiered on June 2, 2008,

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On Friday, July 24, ending the week, Neil uses the wedding of Devon (Brighton James) and Hillary (Michelle Morgan) in an episode aired first on August 14, 2015.

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When will the new episode air?

Y&R resumed production last week after being shut down for four months. The question in the minds of fans is now when new episodes will start airing on CBS.

There is some good news for fans. The wait is almost over. While no date has been announced for the network, the new episode will return, probably in mid-August. The show had already started airing four to six weeks before the show

So, excluding any problems, it means fans have less than a month to wait for the new episode. It is also the format used in Bold and The Beautiful. The CBS show began production in June and new episodes are back next week.

Meanwhile, viewers can continue a trip to Memory Lane each week, including classic episodes. Next, up are the fan-favorite moments that don’t want to be missed.

The Young and the Wristless Weekdays air on CBS.

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