The Xbox Series X Smart Delivery gets exciting trailer with crossover headlines

Microsoft has premiered a brand new trailer featuring headlines with ‘Smart Delivery’ functionality.

Check out the new trailer below:

The trailer is enthusiastic and jumps to the right point, smart delivery functionality. The trailer quickly highlights a few headlines that will use this new technology to transfer to the Xbox Series X. Cyberpunk 207777, Dart 5, and Scarlett stand out from the Nexus, but there are plenty of headlines surpassing the Smart Delivery function.

Microsoft has released two new tech demos for the Xbox Series X and showcases the Nifty features on the console. The first is the console’s ‘quick restart’ feature and the second is the impressive loading bar. Finally, Microsoft is set to premiere first-party titles at a gaming event on July 12, 2020. The event is expected to premiere a ton of exciting and new titles.

The Xbox Series X has unveiled this holiday season and will be cutting edge technology with 12 teralflaps, smart delivery and quick resume features.

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Source: Microsoft YouTube

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