The WWE may have a chaotic Kavid crisis in their hands

Everyone’s life has been turned upside down because we have all learned to deal with the global epidemic. The World Wrestling Entertainment Show was on, but now.

The WWE may have a chaotic COVID crisis.

The agency has changed things considerably in light of the global epidemic, with no live crowds and events pre-tapped. However, their fortunes are over and the WWE may have a chaotic COVID crisis at hand.

There have been reports of testing (or lack thereof) for WWE staff and superstars. Not so long ago, an extra for the “crowd” went for their own test and tested positive … and now things seem to be breaking down.

The company is running shows at their Performance Center and in very recent times WWE has started using prospects and other extras to give them some sign of the crowd.

These audience members were showing some social distance, but no masks were needed

There were some changes in that well-publicized positive test. The WWE canceled or delayed some taping, and for recent shows we’ve seen some masks worn by attendees.

Some superstars won’t be filming anytime soon …

So here begins the chaos. According to every Wrestling News, some superstars won’t be back in any tapping anytime soon.

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For example, after the most recent positive, Kevin Ons avoided tappings. Wrestling News reports indicated that at least two prominent superstars have stated that they will not return until the masks become mandatory.

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Until very recently, masks have been avoided on camera.

Another, Hall of Famer Rick Flair, will not be seen on television anytime soon. Flyer was recently involved in the Edge / Randy Orton program.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have taken the risk of appearing, but it has now been said that he will not be appearing at the Performance Center anytime soon.

Considering his recent health concerns, keeping him off television is the right move (and really should have been much earlier).

Right now, the controversial decision after the Roman Empire doesn’t look so crazy …

Are more experimentally positive.

Based on that positive test formula a few weeks ago, the WWE has finally extended the test. As you might expect, with increased testing comes increased positive results.

A major area of ​​concern here for staff and superstars. So far there has been no clear report from WWE Corporate on how many people have been infected.

People. What a few days. My show was canceled and I got Kovid. After your mask and wash your hands. Everyone stay safe

– Rini Young (@RiniYingWWE) June 25, 2020

According to PWICider, there may be two dozen employees who have tested positive or possibly more. However fans should know how positively tested or even those who don’t … those who are in close contact with them should know, and apparently they are not being told.

More importantly, there are some sources who think that the number of two dozen is actually less than optimistic. The fear is that the number of infected workers and superstars could be significantly higher.

People. What a few days. My show was canceled and I got Kovid. After your mask and wash your hands. Everyone stay safe

– Rini Young (@RiniYingWWE) June 25, 2020

Lack of information refers to how chaotic things appear in the WWE. Another example is Rini Young’s lack of communication with the WWE about the positive test (the test he personally arranged).

Now, the tapings are being changed

RAW was supposed to be taped yesterday for this upcoming Monday. In response to the positive test rash, the tapings are being changed.

It looks like RAW for the upcoming Monday will actually be tapped today (Saturday) without any other new progress.

On top of cancellations and date changes, events have been delayed to allow rewriting as talent and staff are testing positive or otherwise choosing for safety reasons.

What now?

Things seem to be mumbling.

The show has been delayed, canceled or rewritten. Superstars stay away to stay safe or say they have tested positive.

Fans can enjoy the new content a few days a week, but it may be time for the WWE to establish their own break to handle things for just a week or two.

At the moment, based on at least several reports, it seems that things related to COVID management within the WWE are nothing but chaos.

In the interest of the safety of everyone involved, the WWE must play it safe

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