The woman who fired Hilaria Baldwin says the fake pronunciation is ‘offensive’

In a new interview with the social media suite to spread Hillary Baldwin’s Spanish-accent scandal, the popular yoga guru said she should “own what she did” – and called the Spanish-born claim “aggressive and wrong.”

The woman, who started a thread under Lenibrisco on Monday that questioned Baldwin’s claim to be born in Mallorca, told the Daily Mail that she had no regrets about being behind Browhauer.

He told the news outlet on condition of anonymity, “People were asking me if you didn’t need to do anything better and the answer was: no I don’t” out “it’s epidemic, it’s cold outside and I don’t celebrate Christmas.”

On Monday, he said in his infamous tweet: “You have to appreciate Hilaria Baldwin’s promise of her decade-long graft where she disguised as a Spanish man.”

In the midst of the fire, Baldwin was forced to admit that she was, in fact, a “white girl” from Boston, even after speaking with questionable accents and claiming she was born in Spain.

Twitter Danizen told the New York Times anonymously on Wednesday that she was afraid to go public because Hillary’s husband, Alec Baldwin, could beat her.

Briscoe – who studied at the elite Vassar College in New York – condemned Hillary for claiming she was born in Spain.

“You are an immigrant and you speak English as a second language, and the real experience that a real immigrant woman has is offensive and wrong. That’s not what happened,” she told the Daily Mail.

“People in the park think she’s Annie because her kids are blonde and have blue eyes. This happens to mothers of certain colors who actually have an accent. “

“It’s offensive, these are the harsh experiences that people actually had and he pretends. It’s not really necessary. He can be a hot white influencer. Lots of people do that,” Brisco added.

He added that at first he did not realize that he was imitating a Spaniard before finding the articles in which Baldwin spoke in Spanish about the language.

“It makes me feel worse,” he told the Daily Mail.

Brisco also revealed that he had been flooded with messages since his actual loss, some of which were not compassionate.

“Some people said I did it because I was violent and ugly. I don’t care if I feel a little bad. It looks like a lot of work, ”he told the outlet.

Hilaria Baldwin Evan Agostini / Invasion / AP

But he added that he had “felt some responsibility” for reacting against Baldwin on social media.

“It was fun, but social media can be really cruel and harmful when there are a lot of people doing things that people don’t like. I don’t think that’s great. “

“People were saying something cruel and unnecessary. It bothered me. There’s a lot he can criticize Hillary Baldwin, no need to joke about how many kids she has, it was really offensive to me, “he added.

“It reminds me of when people make fun of Melania Trump for nude modeling. Who cares? It doesn’t hurt anyone he has done other things that you can have fun with, ”Brisco said.

“Misogini has ingredients that come up but it’s important to call people when they do things that are harmful, which I think it was,” he said.

Asked what he would say to Baldwin, Brisco said: “I would say he’s sorry for their immigrants and English-speaking and colorful mothers who actually made a mistake for their child’s nanny. She should own what she should have done.”


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