/The woman shows how to wear a face mask to make sure it is effective and compares it to a well-fitting bra

The woman shows how to wear a face mask to make sure it is effective and compares it to a well-fitting bra

A woman shows how to wear a dress mask properly For maximum functionality it should not be worn differently poin

As Dennis Mejia shared a clip of the ticket, he compared wearing a mask to a relatively well-fitting bra and showed how wearing a dress proved to be completely meaningless by mistake.

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As Dennis Mezia shares a clip of the ticket, he compares wearing a mask to a well-matched Bracredit: Deniseg 80 / TickTock

As face masks will soon become mandatory in stores – as they are in public transport – those who follow the rules are becoming increasingly frustrated with those who do not.

So Dennis took it upon himself to identify the common problem and shared the video on Tiktok and Twitter, since it was viewed roughly 400k times.

In the clip, she pulls a blue crop over her head titled “How to Wear a Mask, Woman’s Guide Properly” and secures it around your chest as a regular bra.

He follows a face mask because he fits it properly on his face – this ensures that both his face and nose are isca.


Dennis pulls the mask down on his chin and does the same with his crop, proving that it is worn when it serves no purpose Credit: Denisag 80 / Tiktok


He showed another way to expose one side of his chest – as his face does. Credit: Daniseg 80 / Tiktok

Demonstrating how some people wear a face mask, he pulls it down so that it sits on his chin – exposing his mouth and nose.

She then applies the same logic to her bra, pulling it down so that it sits under her breast.

And if not for the undergarments, it would expose her breasts completely – clearly meaningless.

Although the example alone was enough to prove his point, Dennis continued and pulled one side of the mask so that it simply hung meaninglessly from one ear.

You can easily make your own at home

And yes, you guessed it, she duplicated the action with her bra, covering one side of her chest and exposing the other with her bra.

But I think he had more to prove that he was just as ridiculous and meaningless as wearing a mask on your forehead.

Many people probably pull the mask for a breath, but it clearly proves meaningless against protection from germs.

Scratched up mask on her head Dennis does the same thing with her bra while playing and pulls it towards the top of her breasts.


Dennis continues to prove his point by pulling on both his mask and his bra, the places they think are safe: Deniseg 80 / Tiktok

Advice to wear face mask

  • Rub hands with alcohol-based hands or soap and water before applying a mask.
  • Cover with a face and nose mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching when using the mask; If you do, rub your hands with alcohol-based hand rubs or soap and water.
  • Replace the mask with a new one as it gets damp and do not reuse single-use masks.
  • To remove the mask: remove it from the back (do not touch the front of the mask); Immediately throw in a closed bin; Rub alcohol-based hands or clean hands with soap and water.

As you might assume, this is, in a real sense, a complete waste of time and effort that offers no protection.

But it is surprising to think that so many people wear a mask but fail to cover their noses – and only their faces.

And Dennis highlights this as well, as he mirrors this method with his crop that could easily turn into the final splash – and potentially display breast nipples.

The show drew a huge response from many viewers by dubbing the clip “perfect,” “clever and effective” and “great awesome horror”.

Many were shocked to discover that so many people did not wear their masks properly.


She likened wearing a mask under your nose to wearing a bra that allows you to spread overcredit: Danisiag 80 / Tiktok

But as far as masks and bras go, some people have discovered that a bra can actually make the perfect face.

After the coronavirus outbreak began, people took to social media to recreate DIY masks made with their single cup and bra strap cuts and to protect the “mask” around the head.

In fact, according to the New York Times, a test by air purifier company Smart Air found that bra pads work as well as a cotton T-shirt, the Mail Online reported.

“Smart Air says it has tested a ‘muslin and sponge’ bra pad that contains large part percent particles and 14 percent small particles,” the Times statement added.

The top consultants at SAJ also recommend a face mask that you can make yourself or use something like a bandana or thick scarf when you go out – as long as it covers your face and nose.

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