/The woman from Winkig was ‘disappointed’ by the lack of physical distance on the flight

The woman from Winkig was ‘disappointed’ by the lack of physical distance on the flight

VANCOUVER (News 1130) – A Vancouver woman ended up paying more to fly to Winnipeg this week, when she didn’t feel safe due to a lack of physical distance on her flight.

Connie Thiessen says she would never have liked to see her elderly parents – both of whom have health problems – if she had known that Air Canada would no longer leave the middle seat vacant.

“It was really true to be in the middle of a man in the middle seat,” he said, adding that he had first booked the plane that he would not have a middle seat in this impression.

He was able to pay another 30 330 to sit in business class, which he said was the only seat on the plane to accommodate enough passengers.

“When I went to check in, I was offered the middle seat and I was shocked,” Thisen said. “All the social distances I gave were deleted one afternoon on this flight.”

He added that the flight was delayed and suggested that there was no time to clear the plane before boarding.

Air Canada and WestJet are leaving the physical distance of the aircraft this week, many Canadians have expressed their concerns, and called the BC health minister to ask for proof that it is safe.

Case in case of refund

President Gabor Lukasz on air passenger rights said Thessalon deserves a partial refund.

“If an airline advertises, ‘We’re giving you champagne on board,’ you’re actually just drinking a glass of water, they’re violating their agreement.” And in this case, we’re talking more than champagne, “he said.

“I would say in (Thessane’s) situation, once he has finished his trip he will have to pay him back for his extra charges because they promised him to sit next to no one, then they charge him extra for providing that service. “

He added that this is a safety issue, so Transport Canada should demand physical distance on all passenger planes.

Transport Canada explained in a statement that the airline has issued guidelines for aircraft with recommendations for passenger distance, but this is not mandatory.

“Recognizing that it is very difficult to maintain regular recommended physical distances on board aircraft, be it from the person sitting in the front, behind you or across the isle, other protective measures against COVID-19 have been implemented as part of many of COVID-19’s. Layered approach to support to reduce risk, ”it said in a statement.

Arrangements include mandatory health checks for all passengers as well as the need for facial inks when traveling by air. Transport Canada says it has increased space between agents and passengers while limiting food services.

News 1130 has arrived in Air Canada to comment