The violinist Gabriella Lebert slices Coldplay’s song ‘The Scientist’ but with her own special twist. [VIDEO]

Gabriella Labourge showed something new and interesting during her 2016 audition for Voice France. He adopted one of Coldplay’s biggest alternative rock songs, “The Scientist” but added a bit of a twist when he played the violin. Check out five of his unforgettable season auditions below.

Gabriella Labarde has demonstrated her violin skills in The Voice France

Gabriella’s audition began with the elegant sound of her violin and the coaches were already bound. Once they heard his angel and soft voice they immediately realized that their chair had to be rotated. Florent Pagney, Jazzy, Mika and Garo all turned their chairs which surprised Gabriella. Ultimately, he chose to stay with Tim Micker after this four-chair turn.

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During the battle round, he sang “The Snow Castle” by Avena against Ilona Basellier. Choosing which artist to keep around was not an easy decision for coach Mika. Gabriella won the battle and gained a huge FN base after doing these.

He also adopted another alternative hip-hop song when he served “Stressed Out” by 21 pilots during the live show. She put her own spin on parts of the song that featured raps that she brought to the show that were new and exciting.

Gabriela was eliminated in the quarterfinals after the presentation of “Cui Moi in Assi Libre” by Calozero. However, since appearing on the show, his audition has gone completely viral. It now has 633 million views and a load of positive comments. One fan wrote in the comments, “She has many career options … singer, violin, model”. Others praised his voice and stunning appearance.

Where is Gabriella now?

After appearing on The Voice France, a few of Gabriella’s songs actually appeared on the French show Lance at Comp with another television series called The Charming Girls. He went to perform at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

In 2018, Gabriella released her second album “You Are Flu” and signed with Polyder France under Universal Music Group. The following year, he participated in the destination Eurovision, which allowed France to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. He sang his original song “Never Get Enough”.

Gabriella posted the cover on YouTube playing some incredible original songs and all her own instruments. He currently has 295,000 subscribers and of course this number is growing as he continues to put his own spin on everything he does.

Recently, she celebrated that the cover of her song “Jumbo” appeared on the latest season of World Dance. Judge Jennifer Lopez was particularly interested in hearing her song in an Instagram post.

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