/The tourism sector has suggested a pilot project to bring travelers from the United States to remote areas of BC.

The tourism sector has suggested a pilot project to bring travelers from the United States to remote areas of BC.

Vancouver (News 1130) – The tourism industry in BC discovered how the US dollar could go back to BC despite the border being closed related to COVID-19.

The closure is only set for November 21, but Walt Judas of the BC Tourism Association hopes to increase the ban on unnecessary travel between Canada and the United States.

“We do not expect the US border to remain open at any time,” he said. Ideally, however, we would like to see ways to see how we can open that boundary through proper health and safety protocols and appropriate testing. “

Judas has proposed a small pilot project that would bring charter flights to small groups in rural and remote areas of the province.

“Ideally, we would like to be able to set up a pilot project somewhere in a more rural area of ​​the province, which would enable you to welcome the people of the United States, although they should be tested for some time and perhaps at least in self-isolation. They include activities related to the rural population of British Columbia such as hiking, fishing, hunting – some backcountry activities that do not require direct contact with the general public. “

Meanwhile, Judas says the industry is also looking for some clarity from Victoria, which is likely to cancel interstate travel advice to provide green light for Canadian tourists to return to BC.

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He noted at the BC border and was discouraged not to be stopped by Alberta travel.

“The whole sector is really looking forward to the introduction of Phase 3, which will be closer that people are more free to travel from region to region,” he says.

“Booking from British Columbia will help, but they don’t necessarily pay the bills. Many operators are not yet open and do not expect to open soon. Operators who are now open can rarely break even if they don’t lose money. The sector is still very much in decline

He claims that the county attorney will continue to cut costs through the raw relief program.

B.C. The tremors in Te Curve have raised some hopes among tourism companies.

“They are hopeful that we can save at least a few in the summer, but on the condition that travel restrictions be lifted within the whole of British Columbia in Canada and eventually internationally.”