The Tennessee Sheriff apologized after using racist jokes in the recording

By: Shy Arthur (WREG) and Nextster Media Wire

Published: June 7, 2020 / 01:53 PM CDT / Updated: 5 June 2020 / 05:29 PM CDT. CDT

Lauderdale County, Tenn.

“This incident was not for me and does not indicate who I am, how I will do business, how I survive or how I grew up.”

He added, “With respect, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to every resident of Lauderdale, especially to the people of Africa.” “I always treat the people of this county fairly and impartially and I will continue to do so.”

Sanders said he was not a racist and never addressed the word-n, but said the word “just slipped”. He said he did not know his officers had recorded him.

Residents staged a day-long protest outside Sanders’ home on Thursday, demanding his resignation.

“Ordinary people don’t want me to resign,” Sanders said earlier this week.

Using Sanders’ word “normal,” many have dreaded what WREG spoke to.

“Ordinary people refer to me as the people of the county,” Sanders said, “but I told you, I’m not the speaker.”

He said he was caught in the trap of the WREG question earlier in the week.

Sanders also issued a written statement. The WREG showed the protesters’ statement, but some were dissatisfied with what they saw and heard.

“We’re electing all these people immediately, so we need to be on their side and if they are not on our side, the voters know what we have to do,” Legania Jones said.

The sheriff said he was talking about the importance of equality in hiring people in the department.

Sanders did not speak directly to protesters, but said he would probably do so next week. He has no plans to resign.

Protesters say they are not backing down and are willing to talk to other city and county leaders about removing Sanders from office.

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