The Sydney Roosters beat the Canterbury Bulldogs on Monday night as James Tedesco put on the masterclass.

All three come with different qualities and the games can win on their own, but the two young guns still have some way to go at the top of the moment.

The new superlatives for the full backback of Kangaroo and NSW Origin are running strong thin. He finished with three attempts, two attempt assists, 227 run meters, 10 tackle breaks, two line breaks and three line break assists.

Angus Crichton was tough not to set the world on fire in his first year at Bondi. This season, he shows much more than the players that forced him to pay big money to the tri-races by removing them from the hands of their arch-rivals in the Redfarns.

He regularly dares anyone to run to him and is running some fantastic lines on the right end of the chicken outside Cool Flanagan.

Together, Tedesco and Cricton are the main destroyers of chickens.

But the scary part about Trent Robinson’s men is that you can pick up six or seven more names from the hat and tell them in detail the big nights you did.

This is the real reason why they hope to be the first team to win three straight titles since Els achieved that memorable feat in 1983.

If Maurice is not a twin every time the action tries to get around them, it is Boyd Cordner folding the ball runners in half and running the ball hand in hand at perfect angles. If Cordner isn’t in its density, Joe Manu is throwing a freakish offload at the other end of the field.

When Cooper Kronak walked off the stage with a second second primaries in hand, there was pressure on Luke Carey and Kyle Flanagan to fill the playmaker’s boots to win the team on the field, which was his skill.

Bulldog Christian Criston competes with Daniel Tupwe for a high ball red Credit: AAP

While the real effects of the absence of the crank will become clear in the finals, so far, so good for pairing up the new part.

It is not an easy task to accurately describe golf in class between these two teams. Men don’t cut it perfectly against boys.

Sometimes, the chickens look like they are playing a different game against their opponents.

The Bulldogs – who have admitted that their preparation for this clash was trembling in the absence of Tolman – scrape their scrap at any and all points.

The Chickens scored their points in second gear.

The Premiers took exactly 115 seconds to run their first warning shot.

Kerry got Tedesco, who hit Crichton as he turned the corner, and the Premiers went halfway through the lead, still no sweat.

There were some loose moments – especially in the second half when the tri-characters kept the submerged bulldogs – but the next minutes৮ minutes were very light work for the premieres.


Since the start of the season they have collected a combined scoreboard of 127-18 against the Rabitohas, the Broncos and the Bulldogs.

Kieran Foran scored 95 straight points without conceding any of the three-characters before ran in the th minute.

With the whips cracking in October – at this stage of the season, the team that will present itself as the most challenging – is paramount – waiting for what will be the season’s match so far on Saturday night.

Sam is a sports reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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