The Sonic the Hedgehog prototype has finally been discovered

When it comes to video games, some groups cherish the work of developers. Like many movies, books and music, some groups look for preliminary works and official copies of video games to preserve as their primary works of art. Of course, it can be a bit difficult to find some of the previous video game projects when it comes to work and resources before the official video game release. However, decades later today, an iconic franchise that is still a favorite is finally

Sega is an iconic video game company and one-time powerhouse console manufacturer. However, their most cherished and iconic video game IP or mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog. The platform is still enjoyed today with new releases and even a blockbuster hit movie franchise. Over the years, it has been Palace, a group that has tried to save development work from past video game projects, an IP although it was believed that there was no prototype for the project, but the group seemed to be Sonic IP. The big 30th anniversary was able to get their hands on one at just the right time.

The dream came true. Introducing, a Sonic 1 prototype for the Sega Mega Drive. These are all, Clock Work Zone, Sparling Zone, UFOs, Rings, GHZ Balls etc. Happy New Year!

– The Hidden Palace (@HiddenPalesOrg) January 1, 2021

This prototype is not finished, but it shows some of the previous work of the development team Sonic the Hedgehog. There are some notable differences that you will see as big balls at the beginning of the first level and it is true that there is a boss in the video game. There may be some minor details that only Sonic fanatics might spot but luckily you can read about all the changes to the game from the announcement post from Hidden Palace.

Sonic the Hedgehog is still an enjoyable video game experience today and while we may be forced to see some new announcements for the franchise this year, we know that the movie franchise has a sequel installment. You can see the full prototype gameplay footage in the video embedded below.

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Source: The Hidden Palace

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