/The sister of Christina Cuomo of Hampton chased the disinfectants

The sister of Christina Cuomo of Hampton chased the disinfectants

Christina Cuomo’s sister, Andre Griven Dudgett, sells disinfectants as her son-in-law, married, ruler Andrew Cuomo prepares to return to the NICC.

Dudget sent an email about Hamptons from her Empire Global Venture account on Tuesday to investigate the little-known brand Y2X Life Sciences. There is no website other than his own, but Dudget – whose sister Christina is married to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo – sent a note proposing people to “communicate” with the producers.

Without mentioning the brand, he wrote: “I think this product can be a game changer for many companies to keep clean and covid free and welcome back. It’s completely non-toxic – it can be used to spray with people in the room. Any harmful on any surface. No effect. “

Y2X’s life science pages list Democrats Dick Geffard and Matt Kennedy as advisers.

Lifestyle blogger Christina recently came under scandal when she said she was bathing in Clorox amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

Dudget said: “The company I work for, Empire Global Ventures, is a business development company that helps technology companies grow and expand into new markets. Y2X Life Sciences is a client of EGV, not investing in EGV companies.”