The Satechi Quattro Wireless has a built-in Apple Watch charger [Deal]

Shopping can be irresistible for a power bank when considering how many competitive solutions there are currently. This makes it important to do something unique to stand out from a surprisingly large crowd of competitors for a new release. Surprisingly, the new Satechi Quattro Wireless Power Bank was able to pull it off with flying colors. Not only can it charge iPhones and AirPods wirelessly, but you’ll also find USB and Type-C ports. And that’s not all. The real standout feature instantly is that the Apple Watch must have built-in support for charging. Continue reading to learn more.

The Satchi Quattro Wireless from Apple Watch is on top, more so

The all-new Satechi Quattro Wireless is a power bank that has a premium presence. Outside of its appearance, you’ll get a 10,000 mAh capacity, which folds the Satechi enough to provide enough power to recharge the Item 11.

An integrated Apple Watch charging pack can be easily spotted along the top, allowing you to always plug in your existing charger at home. Many are forced to love this feature because you have to bring your own cable for different competitive solutions.

In addition to a built-in Apple Watch charger, the Satechi Quattro puts a Kiwi coil to easily top up wireless iPhones, a pair of AirPods, and more. Both USB-A and Type-C ports will be available in this power bank, after which both receive and shell up to 18 watts of juice.

Pricing and availability

Satechi Quattro is the official price for wireless . 99.99, However anyone who places a pre-order can currently take it 20% discount When using code Quetta At checkout. The ship’s dates are currently mid-October for although Quattro Wireless is only sold through Satkhi at this time, we expect it to appear among the company’s new arrivals on Amazon sometime in the near future.

Take 9to5 toys

My favorite power bank to date has built-in cable and Qi charging features but lacks integrated support for the Apple Watch. The built-in charge for Apple’s wearability was added in a way that sets off the Satchi Quattro Wireless, eliminating parts of the competition.

The top is a premium design that mirrors what you’ll find in the high-end models of the iPhone and Apple Watch, and it immediately becomes clear why the Satchi price tag is actually quite reasonable. While I wish its USB-C port was as powerful as my departure from TILT, the Satechi Quattro Wireless seems to be a good round solution that is limited to finding it in many bags.

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